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  1. Nothing can be done, your save is forever gone. Just start modding the damn game. On ps3 so i cant.
  2. Ok im not sure how to say this on the forums but my friend told me to post about my corrupted save i had tons and i mean tons of stuff i lost all i have now are my levels and im pissed i have 2 rods over 100^ for 74 a 158 tower shaitan and a 148 dps shaitan loads of event weapons 3 giraffes 2 for dps 1 for towers all over 60^ for 74 a 80^ kairi for 74 and a 78 kairi for 74 and i must say im pissed so Trendy if your reading this im pissed.
  3. RaiderZSnipeZ not sure if i already signed up
  4. PSN RaiderZSnipeZ friday anytime after 3 centeral time 2 mountain time
  5. I dont see why not,just because Im a host doesnt mean I can make gunslingers randomly appear. Thats like me asking you "Are you qualified to join MY event?" We give you an equal oppritunity to get a weapon from our events,why do we deserve any less from you guys? It was a joke my man calm down =P
  6. Deathdealer1877 DeathDealer are you really qualified to join my event ;)
  7. Okay last time i tryed hosting an event the stupid spider mad me postpone it then i lost track of it i am willing to try again i will invite you saturday night next week i will only accept the first 22 people 1st place will recieve a gunslinger 2 will recieve a big momma everyone else better luck next time. Best of luck to all of you.
  8. Today my event host was Tito Daddy. He was a very professional, And fun host to have. The event itself was pretty fun, But we were SO close to losing. There were 3 OGRES in one spot and they destroyed all the defenses over there so we had to distract, And kill them before they destroyed the crystal. At one time I thought it was over, But we held them off, And somehow killed them all before they could destroy our crystal. Anyway I think the event went really well overall and props to Tito Daddy for being an awsome host!I had Gashen_Sai i believe it was our crystal didnt get hit once but he was
  9. I agree Ok ill host a day after the patch next week so everyone be ready
  10. if you add in 20 people i will donate a captain america shield and big momma Hmm i guess i could do that have nothing planned other than school for 4 hours tomorrow so Wth ill accept 44 people
  11. Im looking to make the community happy and im hosting a mini event ill accept 24 people and the event item for the number 1 spot will be a elf of the wand! it will be a 1vs1 pvp (got idea from Andrew) and 2 & 3 place will be able to choose from some not so rare event items but you can still give your best effort =) Sign up fast =) ill post the requirements or keep them a secret untill your invited ill decide but the event will be held from 7-10pm mountain time i will close this tomorrow at 4 pm mountain time
  12. try glitter i have play on the patch maybe twice or 3 times now and i have like 8 40^ pieces of armor
  13. Im on ps3 Yea sorry capt should have put that first haha
  14. Im looking to put together a crew that we will be doing things such as summit runs, giraffe and kairi run`s we will help each other out on the challenges or campaigns that are needed to be complete by individual [COLOR="[[1136,hashtags]]"]members i will try to put together who will be in what crew[/COLOR] and i will be willing to help out anyone that needs it. =)[COLOR="[[312,hashtags]]"] I will notify you and add you on which team you will be with i would like to try and get out to the community because i have had plenty of people help me out in the past so i would like to return that favor.[
  15. I`d like to host if there is ever an available spot i will make sure im on and have plenty of time to help and to achieve happiness for the players picking to join the event =) we have have good idea`s so we should all explore them and share them with others around us. =D
  16. If possible i would like to take part in this event, My psn is RaiderZSnipeZ
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