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  1. Okay i just want to say yolo and one other thing yolo come back safe and i want you to be the biggest badass out there we all will be playing black ops 2 saying wow death is doing this right now from me and all who post we say gl yolo we love you come back safe and most of all dont let any campers, hackers, drop shoters, 10 year old kids get you and then you will win and do this well going home with your new blood brothers... http://youtu.be/65bXGukGGLY
  2. AsTr0_shootz hade somthing come up and hade to leav me are changing date of event all people who won will get reward another day sorry we wii do it another day.
  3. To all you players out there that like a challenge this is the event for you. Summit on INSANE with no towers can use any hero. The event is held saturday may 12 times and sign up on link or event section of dungen defenders.com tell your friends and sign up!!! http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?60643-Junior-Judge-Event-%28PS3%29
  4. AsTro/ Helloz- dosent have account so could you please put him on the list bud. Thankyou guys for signing up tell all your friends =].
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