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  1. no i just browse shops looking for bargins and come across people selling stuff for silly money i can farm anyything i want on the game infact ive even been hosting lobbys tonight were ive been killing the kraken in nm hc for people who cant do it for abit of mana :) with how esay it is to make mana these days there is no need to price things high at all really :) i can esaly make 2bil mana in 4 hours of playing but hey not everyone can afk there way to wave 30 of aquanos with 3 controlers pluged in If NMHC Aquanos runs are so easy why are you selling the runs for mana and not just do
  2. What your describing sounds a lot like Pure Strategy. Then again I may not be fully understanding how this is suppose to be different.
  3. The mana suggestion is nice. It annoys me to no end when I pick up a 500 mana gem and only have space for 100. Not to sure how hard it is to incorporate detailed graphics settings since you really only see them on games where, at the time at least, high settings might not be doable on a lot of hardware or only very select hardware.
  4. This happens to me so rarely, maybe once or twice ever. It probably happens more at defenses I'm not concentrating on, but since any wall would typically be protected by a tower, the ogre would in theory pursue the tower and die anyway. It's funny, because the bugs that periodically result in a players demise will never go without protest, but the fact that ogres rarely even attack walls now doesn't seem to bother anyone... :p I must be doing something wrong because ogres beat the hell out of my walls, reversed spikes or otherwise.
  5. This happens to me on ESNM at the northern stairs every other run or so. Happens mostly when there are two ogers at the stairs and one seems to push the other on top of the railing or on top of the walls, bouncers make it happen more often than spikes. Just ended up moving my harps back so they could get them before they got to the crystal. This reminded me of the issue of sharken moving towers on top of each other, which should not be legal since we can not build towers on top of each other anyways.
  6. D3, Torchlight II, and GW2, all per-ordered, once they are each out. No interest in supporting the D3 real money auction house but it will be fun to see what people post up there. Eventually Grim Dawn will get added to the list but that is not even in Alpha yet and their recent Kickstarter is still going. I swear I'll get divorced this year due to new games.
  7. And this is why I pick up EVERYTHING I can during and after every wave. Because how ever the system works in regards to value and despawning it DOES get rid of good things for worse things.
  8. The bottom line is loot progression for someone who wants to solo is borked. Trendy, as far as can be seen from other threads in a similar vein, has no intention or has not figured out how to fix it. Heck a few runs of deeper wells nmhc, which should logically be where you start your myth farming, and not a single one. Trendy has their core of hardcore gamers and seems fat and happy to continue to cater to them with new high end content instead of filling the glaring void that has existed since NM was introduced. To those points even the those in the "l33t' category admit loot progression
  9. By the Jason where's the complaint for a complete lack of progression from insane into nightmare? That's the most glaring problem I can see with Dungeon Defenders at this point.
  10. what about if a phys rez ogre spawns and you only have one FB tower? --- DEATH Because, still, you would not use only mage towers because elemental damge only is not the best solution. Otherwise, the OP would start whining about mages being overused, again. If you knew there were physical immune mobs would you really only have one FB tower at each choke or no strength drain aura's?
  11. the more this thread goes on, the more I feel like you are just an angry gizmo who leveled the wrong class and does not want to level an other character While I love my squire and the awesomeness that is/are harpoons I really do think the OP has a good point. That point being that there is no equal or near equal to harpoons from any class. With that said I think the most reasonable fix would simply be adding mobs with a melee resistance. This would not make harpoons worthless but it would, most likely, increase the use of elemental based towers or strength drain auras, which would probably s
  12. A+++ I would love to have a NM dummy as well.
  13. Spiked Walls: Clearly being used in a way that wasn't intended, surprised Trendy hasn't fixed it already. Solution: Allow the AI to attack spiked walls like they should, whether from the front or back. Also make the spikes do more damage to discourage people from placing them backwards. Any time I have done this everything and anything has still attacked it. Maybe whatever I put behind it just does not kill stuff fast enough.
  14. Now i have been awarded the crown of the best achievement after randomly running insane ramparts. Its actually mildly annoying since it means people who have not earned the awards correctly are being given them.
  15. I have tried this but a sharken comes and basically pushes my bouncer and runs right through me. Here, try this: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5040,first-wave-setup This will get you to the ogre in the first wave. From there its just kiting him around till he dies. It REALLY helps to have a genie. My stats were around 200/200/60/60 give or take. After 20-30 rounds my stats, with upgrades, are 436/475/260/265. This build is by far not perfect but works. P.S. For the love of god do NOT let any harps in the north target the ogre AT ALL. If they do he will turn tail and go for the north
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