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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998837233/
  2. Ballblaster, interesting mechanic for a weapon. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998837233/
  3. meeting a random in a Mistymire game trying to clear survival. Neither of us were quite strong enough to really do it well. But we kept trying for hours/days... constantly tweaking our build and we finally got there. felt like a great accomplishment to clear what was the hardest content in the game at the time. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998837233/
  4. You cannot restrict people ability to be kicked. While yes it is a (key) feature that can, and is, easily abused, there are also very legitimate reason to kick people. Some times maps need 4 capable, geared people to complete. Think of some of the chalenges. I recently have been going through them mostly solo, but hit afew walls along the way. Nightmare HC No Towers Allowed was one of these examples. My dps character is geared enough to cover one side very capably. But i cant have 3 people with sub-par gear and levels doing the other, and i cant cover both sides alone. It simply wont work. Would i be wrong to kick them? With the new level filter, this will add some protection against instances like this, but you still might need to kick somebody who has a completly un-upgraded weapon or no resists.
  5. firstly, THANKYOU!!! Secondly, perhaps completly hiding the game from lower levels might be a step too far. What if the player logs on to his lower level for a glitter run as he cant find a game he wants, then one opens up as he is looking for a glitter run? He still has a character capable of joining the higher level game that he has been looking for, but is unable to see the game.
  6. Tbh, i feel that people who complain about progression just want to be handed gear. Progression should come from hard work. Especially since this is a largly strategy based game, there SHOULD be thinking/research time. If you want gear handed to you, why not play the "lol myths galore" maps on open? Personally, i have a wall squire with 1200ish walls, a tower countess with 600/1100/500/800, and a 1000 radius monk. And have found alch labs to be easy enough on nightmare, harcore mixed mode. I reached wave 15 on my 2nd try by improving my build each wave (where i stopped as i only needed a good bot pet for nmhc zippy). Looking for the points where djinn spawn, paths they take and noticing their behaviour. With the wide attack range on harpoons, i was able to use a build that predominantly uses harpoons, and had all points across the map covered by atleast 3 harpoons? Progression is just that, progressing, learning, evolving. It may not be perfect within this game. but who decides when it is perfect? the person who wants free gear handed to them? the person who enjoys the grind hours on end for a small, but valuable(?) stat increase? Oh, it did get a little hairy at the begining of some of the later waves, but that was the fun part. Thats is all :)
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