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  1. Hopefully it will be easier to beat everything in the game solo.
  2. It would be nice to get a one of a kind reward when getting the big trophy too.
  3. Glad you were able to beat Summit. I still can't beat Summit and Glitter solo with a Wave 23 start. (lol) Only masks I need are the dragon mask and the shark one. Hopefully the upcoming changes will help.
  4. Maybe it has something to do with the pure strategy trophy on the table having no description? I got the full 1000 as well and no giant trophy.
  5. Managed to beat Throne Room on normal mode. Used some of your strategy and changed some things. I still haven't beaten Summit yet.
  6. I'm in the same boat, but add Throne Room boss as well. There shouldn't be bosses for survival, in my opinion. Any tips for Throne Room? Sorry I couldn't be helpful.
  7. Need help beating the bosses. Normal or Rifted. Got the Wave 23 checkpoint and might need a builder. Last achievement I need. Please and Thank you. Xbox One
  8. The hero with the fusion set has to be in your 4 hero main team. If not then your towers go back to normal.
  9. Some examples would be: Story cutscenes, Boss cutscenes, Being able to find different colored pets of the same type, etc. If I'm missing anything else feel free to add.
  10. You fimd them at the end of rift mode at the end chest. * Also from certain enemies.
  11. My bro feels like quitting the game based on difficulty. Solo on Massacre and the difficulty spike from two or more players in the game. * My birthday is this weekend.
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