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  1. The map has a visual bug that keeps flashing a black screen then the normal screen over and over again. -Xbox One Series X
  2. The new boss as a pet and/or low chances for Egyptian accessories would be nice. Might get players to play the new boss map more. An Egyptian Mummy Cat pet would be cool.
  3. Congrats. I stopped trying when Trendy was still in charge. I never won anything. I never even knew if I was actually entered to win anything.
  4. The Keep AFK'able..... Right......
  5. The map problems appear to be fixed with the current update. Thank you. The gold pet problem though still remains.
  6. The new Christmas map flashes black randomly by moving or the whole screen turns black until I move. The ice area with the 3 spawn doors plays fine though. The opposite left side of ice area with the crystal seems to have the flashing and black screen problems. * Gold pet equipped while in inventory or transmog still flashes black. * Platform: Xbox One Series X
  7. Would save time and not having to re-build defenses is nice. Wave 100 could give rainbow pets.
  8. CD was a really big map that caused crashes for Xbox 360, back in the Trendy days.
  9. I remember those maps. Sky City was an interesting map as well.
  10. I stopped playing for a very long time, due to barely almost anyone playing and no new content for over a year. I've gotten every other log in rewards, so I feel so disappointed my collection is ruined..... I'm on Xbox too.
  11. I tried Wave 7 on Lost City and it had the same mana as Wave 1.
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