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  1. Weird. Saw a Juice video and he had about 481 enemies on Wave 100 on Rifted Hardcore Survival .
  2. My Survival enemy count is over 1600 maxed on Xbox, but on PC (Steam) it's around 480 maxed. How is this fair?
  3. This problem was fixed on Xbox with a second update.
  4. Game crashed again when exiting game to Main Menu from tavern. ( I didn't play the new maps this time. ) * Same thing happened again.....
  5. I have the same problem that I mentioned in the thread I made. I'm on console though.
  6. Was wondering why I was failing waves after Episode 2 came out......
  7. I tried the first new map and at Wave 17 or 18 the game crashes. I get back on the game and the waves weren't saved. I try the 2nd new map and got to Wave 16. I let the crystal get destroyed and I return to Tavern. My waves weren't saved again. I exit the game and it crashes again..... * Both times happened at about 1 hour of gameplay. • Mode: Survival * I'm on the Xbox One Series X.
  8. It happened to me as well after the Keep dlc/update. I just re-did the tutorial and got the trophy back. (Must finish tutorial for the trophy to count.) Never had it happen again afterwords. I'm Xbox One as well.
  9. I guess we get nothing. Happy Dog Day to everyone. 🐶
  10. Same thing happened to me last week, but he didn't move and was closer to the archway. Also, he still took damage still.
  11. They have to be on "rift"mode: Each boss has a special drop, Sirens drop the Siren mask, Act 1 bonus map drops various items like the Genie Hat, etc.
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