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  1. It happened to me as well after the Keep dlc/update. I just re-did the tutorial and got the trophy back. (Must finish tutorial for the trophy to count.) Never had it happen again afterwords. I'm Xbox One as well.
  2. I guess we get nothing. Happy Dog Day to everyone. 🐶
  3. Same thing happened to me last week, but he didn't move and was closer to the archway. Also, he still took damage still.
  4. They have to be on "rift"mode: Each boss has a special drop, Sirens drop the Siren mask, Act 1 bonus map drops various items like the Genie Hat, etc.
  5. August 26th is Dog Day. Will players get the Corgi mask or pet? Thank you for your time.
  6. The Chicken Chucker weapon still shows as locked even after the hotfix in Transmog. I even did the challenge again and got another weapon. (Xbox One) * Got a response.
  7. $5 is pretty good for the Chromatic skin pack. Xbox One players didn't get any of the above special skins, not even for pre-ordering the game....
  8. Was the Hotfix on Xbox One too? The Chicken Chucker still shows as locked, even got another Chicken Chucker after the hotfix. Sorry to keep bringing this up.
  9. With no trading in-game, events would have to be just for fun or devs would have to give out codes for unique pets like the phoenix, corgi, etc to trusted player hosts. For Xbox One only the St. Patrick's Day and Mushroom Hat were released. Maybe the Christmas Hat will be released for consoles in December. I would love events to be back, since I loved being an Xbox 360 host for Trendy, back in the old days.
  10. Why make the Keep harder with the nerf and secret stat nerf? I was barely able to win with one crystal having 25% health and the other two at around 100%. This though starting with a Wave 15 start. After stat nerf I won three times at a 12, 12, and a Wave 20 start. Are the nerfs based on videos of AFK Keep builds and/ or data collection? Wave 23 starts seem almost impossible.
  11. Already posted response in the Player help thread.
  12. Had the same thing happen in the Chicken challenge. Never anywhere else. It's random, since later I tried the challenge again and the bug didn't happen.
  13. It happens when you played online, but you lose internet connection or if you went offline and then went back online. I just choose the save with the higher items and gold. As long as you're online, the message shouldn't pop up.
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