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  1. September 2015 Don't say things like that :( I want DD2 as soon as possible, but I know it has to wait until it's finished/tested/bug sprayed. I'm hoping around April or May 2015. :squire:
  2. Well now PS3 version owners of minecraft may have some bad days ahead if the big M owns the company that makes the game. I have never played any version of Minecraft it looks to bloody addicting. I am already ridiculously addicted to a certain game series LOL Well, Microsoft's ownership of Mojang shouldn't affect PS3/PSVita because as far as I know, the console versions are "developed" by 4J Studios, and I don't think Microsoft has any control or ownership of them. I just hope for everyone's sake that even with Microsoft owning Mojang, the way Minecraft is currently won't change. Thoug
  3. In reply to.. Hero dmg and weapon dmg does nothing for purity bomb/mana bomb, it scales purely from its own stats. I'd like to point this out I think they should scale the damage with Weapon attack and hero damage like most other skills to give DPS Apprentices and Adepts something big to bring to the table as a DPS. Back to the point, I completely agree. All I ever seem to see now in NM games (other than active builders) are Squires/Countesses, EVs, Barbarians and Huntresses/Rangers, with the rare monk. Never seem to see anyone using DPS mages, and I sort of understand why.
  4. I've seen another game filter the word clam before. Not sure why that was either.
  5. I think this belongs in suggestions, but it would be a pretty good idea. Edit: Nice work mods, whoever moved this.
  6. Glad to see some support for this idea, now I just hope someone from Trendy sees it :)
  7. Couldn't agree more on this, the game is always telling me there's gloves on the ground better than mine, and I have no idea why. Edit: Perfect example not too long ago.. This being Nightmare where resists are important. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042197607/screenshot/577828040273484776?tab=public
  8. Simple idea really and I'd be surprised if this has never been suggested before but why not add an option when hosting public games to set aside a certain number of private slots that can be joined by invite only? This would be better for everyone I think, the hosts wouldn't have to kick people if a friend disconnects or if other people join first, and everyone joining random games wouldn't get kicked almost instantly. It seems like a simple idea, but I have no idea of the way the game itself works. I'm not a programmer, nor will I probably ever be, so I'm not sure if this is possible, but
  9. Worst thread title ever. Also, you most likely won't even be able to beat the levels to get Supreme without a lvl 78 trans geared character. In that light, why don't you simply continue with your progression and have fun with the game? Or you're just trolling, in which case this is quite a pathetic attempt. :p This. TC, it's taken you a long time to get your characters levelled and geared, but for the most part, hasn't it been fun doing it? Isn't that why you play the game in the first place? Like Auroram said, enjoy the game, work towards the highest-end gear as you play. I don't see wh
  10. This has been a long-standing problem on all versions of the game. People aren't aware of the private match button in most cases I think. I'm well aware of some times when people have disconnected and the host wants to save the slots for them to re-join, as this has been the case for me when I've joined a game twice now, but both of the hosts in those situations were nice enough to ask me to leave and explain why. In other cases it could be that people have very specific stats/people they want in their games - I see a lot of game titles such as "FR Only" or "German or kick" (just examples), o
  11. I've been upgrading damage resists on my DPS Countess's (Countess'? Countesses? idk..) gear for NM, and I've been wondering whether I should be upgrading resists while wearing the full armour set or just upgrade it in item box or without a piece of it on? Sorry for the (probably) noob question, but I have very little experience of NM so far (Can't even finish NMHC Spires). Also, I've heard from some people that I shouldn't even be upgrading resists at all because it's a waste of upgrades, is that true? Thanks for any help.
  12. At a guess.. TE can probably check a player's stats in-depth, including how much mana they have and what they've bought, and if that's the case, it'll show them that s/he's been buying hundreds of millions of mana worth of items without losing actually spending any or that s/he's been getting mana from nowhere.
  13. Was not aware of this but love it. As much as it does make high-end gear easier to obtain, it also means that if something happens to the game you're not set back to a low wave. How many people reading this have had either Steam servers going offline, a computer crash, internet cut out, or some other random thing that wasted their hours and hours of work grinding through survival waves? I'm sure there's going to be a counter-argument to that, saying that TE could just include some kind of save system to prevent those things from ruining all your work and this is true, they could, but I'm o
  14. If you've been VAC banned there's nothing that can be done about that, if it's a ban issued by TE, contact them directly about it.
  15. Rat


    We end this weeks Digest with some sad news. Long-time Trendy employee Rob DMFlex Godwin is leaving our flock for other pastures. You might remember him from the Trendy Testers videos during the pre-launch media blitz. Were going to miss you, buddy. In his stead, former Trendy employee Marc Tsuda Singer will be rejoining us! We cant talk about what hes working on at this moment, but were glad to have him back. How's that then? :)
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