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  1. I miss those. What happened to those? Teasers here and there. I go to the news page and see the last announcement was over 2 months ago. I remember playing the first game a few years back looking forward to the weekly articles posted by the community manager.
  2. I’m just waiting, for new maps. And a Platinum Trophy for PS.... Yeap...
  3. I agree with this thread 100%. The way Dungeon Defenders 1 was updated with content was way better. Constant DLC Holiday maps & cosmetics New pets & Weapons for every map and challenge Can’t forget the fact that you had hen ability to Platinum the game on PS (which you can’t do for DD2) TE I’m telling you now. Whatever team you got developing this game now. Y’all need to take notes from your last team that created Dd1! Idc if it’s pay to win! I want new maps every holiday and awesome content like the ‘Lost Shards.’
  4. The gear the npcs sell is garbage. The specs on the gear they sell are no where near matched with mine. Seems like a pointless feature in the game in my opinion.
  5. So what man. They’re kids they’re going to play any game they want. They don’t care about a ESRB rating. I played Rated MA games my whole life. If you can’t get along with kids online. Then you don’t need to be gaming. Grow up, it’s designed for everyone. Not just you.
  6. Yea being forced to play 3/3 maps in one sitting is a pain in the rear end. I would like to go to the tavern and sell, and test stuff out.
  7. Yes Trendy, your customers want to Platinum the game!
  8. I have a suggestion, let’s us have the ability to Platinum the game.
  9. You know what’s unacceptable? Not being able to earn a Platinum Trophy in Dungeon Defenders 2.
  10. I just think they need to reward us a Platinum trophy, after earning all the other ones.
  11. I was really happy to here that they were adding trophies to the game sometime back. Now that the trophies have been added. There is no platinum. Which is a let down. I really like the game, and I was hoping to add it to my collection of Platinum trophies. Will PS4 players ever have a chance to Platinum the game? Or will there just be more trophies added on throughout time with no Platinum? Anyone got an answer? I’m curious. Thanks.
  12. Because for some reason every time I play the mob counter says 4 enemies left. And all I see is flying enemy emblems in all the spawns frozen. As I go to check it out nothing is there. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. I've been playing Chaos 1. I've done trails all day. Where's the gear that will help me advance higher? Anyone know?
  14. Dungeon Defenders 2 would really be a nice game to platinum. Plus it would defiantly increase the interest and meaning behind sinking countless hours into the game. Just wondering... Anyone know?
  15. Dungeon Defenders on PS3 is a story told long ago. Back when the land of Eithera thrived with defenders. Now the online servers is an ancient wasteland. As for the DLC. Idk I never knew it was never released for EU...
  16. Very interesting build. I like it.
  17. I hope tower skins aren't just for Collectors Edition because when I bought the game for $30 last year I was promised the same thing...
  18. It's been doing this for quite sometime. And it's starting to annoy the hell out of me. This is the only game my computer crashes while I play. The game play runs smooth. I can play this game for an hour and then boom random freeze, than blue screen of death, than computer restarts! Please help!
  19. We already have this? you just click private game, and invite friends. It doesn't really have anything to do with kicking or anything else. I was talking about the playlist of hosted games. I loved the way that was set up! Social Tavern just lags too much. So glad they published that hotfix!
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