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  1. This has happened to me too
  2. I agree, this would be a great idea. A recommendation would be not to open up your shards right away as unopened shards stack already, but I do agree. This would be much more efficient in terms of saving space.
  3. I stopped playing Dungeon Defenders 2 consistently before Choas 8 dropped to play Dungeon Defenders Awakened. Compared to the moment I stopped playing Dungeon Defenders 2 the game has a tremendous amount of new content to enjoy. I aim to explore this content to the fullest extent. However, I find myself struggling to beat Chaos 8 and 9 unassisted with there only being three ways to overcome these Chaos tiers as they are far more difficult than the predecessors the three ways consist of: finding someone to cooperatively carry you, pay out of pocket for upgrades in gear (consumables, upgrade lev
  4. I think another nice thing to add *I play on PlayStation* is the fact that the tower tiers of upgrading will be incorrect. For example, one harpoon will say “700 to next upgrade” when really it only required 400. This happens when another harpoon on the map is at that tier, it somehow carry’s over to the other harpoon. And this happens with every tower to which you have multiple of in the current game.
  5. No special tiles, No moving chess pieces, No confetti, and No special weapons. The enemy spawns even look a little jacked up in comparison to the original. This is not a rant but critical feedback as a community member. I am not impressed.
  6. It seems before Part 2 was released Godly items on survival dropped at a much higher rate with higher stats. Now, whenever I play survival and even mixed mode it seems like the Godly items are very low tier and hardly drop at all. I honestly haven't really found a decent Arcanist Helmet on The Keep with rolling more than four stats since pre-part 2. I don't know the objective of this change, but I don't really like it. Anyone know where all of the decent loot is hiding? Even Dune Eater difficulty hardly increases my odds of finding top tier Godly loot. I get a Supreme here and there. But I jus
  7. I miss those. What happened to those? Teasers here and there. I go to the news page and see the last announcement was over 2 months ago. I remember playing the first game a few years back looking forward to the weekly articles posted by the community manager.
  8. I’m just waiting, for new maps. And a Platinum Trophy for PS.... Yeap...
  9. I agree with this thread 100%. The way Dungeon Defenders 1 was updated with content was way better. Constant DLC Holiday maps & cosmetics New pets & Weapons for every map and challenge Can’t forget the fact that you had hen ability to Platinum the game on PS (which you can’t do for DD2) TE I’m telling you now. Whatever team you got developing this game now. Y’all need to take notes from your last team that created Dd1! Idc if it’s pay to win! I want new maps every holiday and awesome content like the ‘Lost Shards.’
  10. The gear the npcs sell is garbage. The specs on the gear they sell are no where near matched with mine. Seems like a pointless feature in the game in my opinion.
  11. So what man. They’re kids they’re going to play any game they want. They don’t care about a ESRB rating. I played Rated MA games my whole life. If you can’t get along with kids online. Then you don’t need to be gaming. Grow up, it’s designed for everyone. Not just you.
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