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  1. Wow. good thing I checked the forum. All good I guess. Stuff happens.
  2. do it on easter, religious holidays are for suckers anyhow. Thanks for your time. Hey Buddy, That's quite offensive you know.
  3. Awww... I cant make it next Saturday. Its Holy Saturday. Thanks for the events though
  4. its been 10mins capt is there anyway you could invite my friend xxsiiloxx and just give him the weapon so we can go eat? Sorry guys, I have to comment to this one... but, what da heck? "Just give him the weapon?" Hopefully, I am missing the first part where he did the event and dropped off or something.
  5. Thanks for the Event!!! Ambusher21 is awesome host!! Peace!
  6. Hello Capt!! 143 here. I was wondering I can be pushed UP from the list =) ill take vu_prime spot =D if all possible.
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