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  1. I know you can buy with gems but where do you buy him with the defender medals?
  2. I'm looking for people to play with as the updates progress and even after the game is launched. This can be anyone that wants to play and that preferably has a mic. I'm wanting to build a community that the gamers on PS4 have been seeking. If you'd like to help me build this community Message or Add me on PSN: xGunner_Sader and join the PS4 Community group Dungeon Defenders of Etheria Hopefully we can bring back what the PS3 had and play to get the best gear in the process, see you all soon!
  3. hey i'm an old player who recently came back and i am looking for a chi blast or any other old event weapons. Don't have many new items to trade, but am willing to trade. i used to have one and loved using it, but once i left the game and i decided to share and give it away. if anyone wants to trade send me a message to my usertag below. Gamertag- xGunner_Sader thanks
  4. I can not CAN NOT join or have anyone join my games it keeps on saying "DunDef_Spider" i have tried so many times what should i do
  5. i thought the sticky anologe stick was going to be fixed but im still haveing problems with is >.>
  6. hey capt do we have to repost for invite cause i posted before it got postponed
  7. plz get in pika__pika he hasnt gotten in when ever you can please do thanks =)
  8. capt i missed my invite can i get another i got it from deathdealer thanks
  9. my friend posted for a invite and his not on list his name is pika__pika
  10. The list gets randomized.. So it is fair for everybody.that sucks got baseball thats why i made sure i signed up early =P
  11. hey capt i was wondering i was on page 3 for a invite so why am i number 95
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