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  1. It won't delete anything if there hasn't been a patch ur profile or items won't delete even tho I hate dupers and I wish I could slap each individual one there is no solution to duping
  2. Want to stop the kicking? I say if u have 4 players u get better weapons rewards and 4 players doesn't give more mobs but more health to monsters like they do with ogres, so it evens out.. Players don't kick on pc because it really doesn't make the level harder
  3. SID: Nemonix-DatsOK Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119805827954 7/26 Thank you
  4. It was 50% off this whole week all dlc was 50% as well
  5. Yea I got it for pc 2 days ago haven't turned in my ps3 since, hooked my pc up to my LG tv and hooked up my ps3 controller to play DD on the pc it's like I'm playing the ps3 but ten times better now :-)
  6. I could show u the best pure strat set that would solve your aura problem.. Invt anytime I'll help u out
  7. What if u gave an existing character half app towers that are in the game and half traps.. Are any combination of the two. Or a squire that's able to hold app weapons.. Something to spice up the game a bit
  8. I know us console users can't have new characters but could we get a squire character and just give him different towers ??
  9. I was using a childhood toy till I hit 78 and switched to a junbao..
  10. It might say 7 mins but take out ur phone and time it from building to finish, it's about 14 mins even if it does say 7mins
  11. I was having this same problem and next thing I know my ps3 breaks! I think all the constant freezing has something to do with it, It might cause the hard drive to over heat causing major problems..
  12. I get what ur saying but upgrading doesn't really add that much damage even if u did max out your harpoons ur maybe adding 300 damage, my harpoons hit 6.3k now but even when they were hitting 5.5k I still never upgraded and I never had any problems with wyverns. My point upgrading is Pretty much useless unless u need a quick repair
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