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  1. New Update: This bug only holds true when a second player is the one who does that initial upgrade. If the player who summoned the defense upgrades it himself after swapping to a different character, it will still work properly.
  2. There is a bug with Series EV where if you upgrade her towers while she is not currently one of the heroes being played, they will not gain the additional HP until she is brought back out. I have attached screen shots of this in the tavern, but the same situation happens in a map as well: >Edit: just discovered this only holds true if you start from a 0 upgrade state. If you have already upgraded it once before you switch her out it will work correctly *This shows an un-upgraded wall with series EV still out* http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992806011/screenshot/56093772625
  3. First: I think it would be a lot easier and cleaner if all the 'PvP' style maps had a seperatee tab from that of the Challenges. It would just make it easier to navigate through all the challenges, and if you are looking for a PvP map the tab is right there as well. Second: Its been stated a few times, but the ability to select certain stats that could be used to filter if an item shows up as a green dot or not. It could be as simple as "look for the stats which you have actually put your level up points into as top priority." It could also be as complicated as being able to op
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