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  1. My complaints aren't because I like to AFK, they're because I lose any map that has a siege roller spawn. I've been playing Return to Maldonis for the last day and a half, and am getting pretty bored of running one map over and over trying to get a non-medium monk polearm (and I get an average of less than one non-spooky legendary item per 7-round incursion, so I'm not exactly gearing up anything else). I've also noticed the average steam review has recently dropped to 'mixed'. You guys can justify this however you want, but as a returning player who was hoping to get back into the game, I
  2. My attitude is towards feeling like I wasted sixty bucks due to poor balancing and play testing. It's really easy to criticize someone else's attitude when you don't have to flush down all the work you've done. I'm sure you already had the monk or gun witch gear when the siege roller came out and didn't have to go back down to nightmare 1. Really easy to criticize my attitude towards a challenge when you don't have to walk a mile in my shoes. Destroy every item you have that's come out since the EV2, all the set gear and all the incursion-specific items, and all your dryad and gunwitch and
  3. I don't have the Big Boy passive on my EV2, she's proton charge specced, which is useless. As is my flaming shield squire, dps abyssal lord, and huntress. I combed the forums, tried several different dps heroes, several different maps, several different layouts, and after four or five hours which were absolutely zero fun, came away with nothing but disappointment, frustration, and anger. The anger is mainly because I had just bought the lavamancer, the mystic, the dryad, and the gunwitch, and can't use them without dropping back to NM1 or something and basically scrapping hundreds of hours
  4. Haven't played since just after the Series EV was released. Decided to try out the new heroes and see what was added to the game. Discovered that I can't beat any maps with siege rollers because my dps classes are huntress, abyssal lord, and series EV. Can't farm the gear necessary to kill siege rollers because it drops on maps that spawn siege rollers. Quit again.
  5. I feel like pure dps heroes should be half price, because they can do less than others, and because you can only use one at a time. However, I know the development work isn't half the work of a tower hero, so I understand why they cost what they do. As much as I love her model and animations, I just can't imagine a series EV2 can't do plenty of hero-based dps on her own.
  6. I'll probably eventually get both, I just wanted to know what to focus on first. I paid cash for Abyss Lord and Series EV2, and while Abyss Lord was worth it, I don't want to keep paying cash for every hero at the rate they put them out. You can put lots of builders to use, but only use one dps hero at a time, so it makes sense to just hold off on gun witch until I have the tokens saved up.
  7. Ok, been away for the last two hero releases. I quit playing right after Series EV2 was released. Which hero should I focus on getting first? Are both worth the effort?
  8. The drop rate on these is pretty bad, at least in my experience. I ran four or five incursions yesterday and got none, maybe one the day before. Meanwhile, I have legendary flaming swords coming out my ears. I only have one character that needs a sword, and over a dozen that could use a chest. There is a lot more randomness in chest armor than there is among the swords. It really should be a guaranteed 750 chest with a chance at the sword, not the other way around. As it is right now the chest is so rare it doesn't feel worth farming.
  9. She's much better as a dps. The only thing I use my EV builder for is a buff beam, and it's only a marginal upgrade on most maps, whereas EV as a DPS is a substantial upgrade over a huntress or flaming-shield squire for pure damage output.
  10. There's a difference between 'just a little different' and 'essentially useless'. There's nothing wrong, in my opinion, with trying to do well in a game. Choosing to use the weapon manufacturer would be, in my opinion, like deciding that Poland made a good starting country in a World War 2 boardgame, or like playing poker with your cards on the table (and nobody else's). If there were a property in Monopoly called Fresno, I wouldn't buy it. You get the idea. It just doesn't make sense to me to waste a ton of DU on something that the Series EV can do with the right anti-gravity bot build, c
  11. No. To elaborate, I believe they said somethin in the last devstream about changing their approach to legendaries to be more like the Unholy Catacombs sword, a single map-specific drop that has a bunch of potential variety and really does someting special, rather than one boss that drops eight (now it would be twelve) different legendaries. Since the gear and effects on the Abyss Lord and EV are already above what the other four heroes have access to, it wouldn't make sense to work on giving them more. I expect we'll see new legendaries for them after the tactical revamp, unless they do
  12. I don't see why the hero who receives the least votes should get a guaranteed spot in the lineup. That sounds counter-intuitive to me. Resources should be spent on what people want the most. Honestly I believe Trendy should improve a hero's presentation, kit or approach if it comes in dead last in one vote, let alone two, because that indicates to me something that lacks wide appeal. Still keep the nod to DD1 and the basic approach, but tease something new and exciting to get people behind him. If he loses to a hero we know next to nothing about, that says, to me, that most people don't l
  13. I definitely think that EV needs more builder-oriented spheres and passives that don't focus on the weapon generator. As far as the protin beam, what I'd really like to see is for it to become a proton field - a rectangular area that covered the width of a lane. As it stands now we have no visual indicator what the beam will hit, and as a result it seems random and awkward to place it. As for the reflect beam, I really don't think the two separate effects should ever have been combined, as they don't synergize at all and result in an overpriced mess. Dump the torpedo which is somewhat redu
  14. Having the Big Boy effect on both the weapon and the relic doesn't do anything - I just checked it. That makes sense to me, but there are so many gray areas that I'm getting extremely frustrated. For example, hero defense speed increases the attack speed of the proton beam, but does defense range increase its width? How could we even tell? Defense range doesn't seem to affect the beam length, that's for sure. It's pretty much guesswork. Neither defense speed nor defense range have any effect on the buff beam, as far as I can tell. Who knows what affects what with the weapon manufacturer
  15. Oh yeah, remembered another: When an ability like the proton charge scales off hero damage and ability power, or the abyss lord's direct command scales off ability power and defense power, are both stats equally weighted? Is one point of one exactly equivalent to the other?
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