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  1. the DD2 tools says chaos 1, tried to get a pic of it but my pc is not cooperating ^.^
  2. Yay!!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
  3. DD1Planner.com? DDMapPlanner.com? DDMapBuilder.com? Just a thought ^.^, great job bringing this feature back!! <3
  4. I happen to have items dropped in front, that were moved there by the changes made to the tavern and because someone dropped them there when this save file was used for the beta. When I move up to the tavern keep, i need to move away from the items, which is normal, but when I jump on the counter the camera view goes to the floor on the top ledge and it just takes the right positioning to get the camera back. Super legendary skins do not fit in there. Their heads go through the floor of the ledge. When i removed the items I could easily move in close to the counter and select the forge or
  5. I too was very excited about the new tavern, i know many hours of personal time has gone into its preparation, time you say you will never get back...people volunteer their time without asking what they’ll get in return, knowing time never goes backwards, this is indicative of anything you agree to take on in your life. Now after a few years, the community finally gets to see it, test it out, and you get feedback that you probably knew was going to happen, some good, some not so good. Whenever someone puts that much time into something that is for a community, you have to know you're not goi
  6. I am excited to try the diamond making machine ^.^ Anyone want to team up and pool some coal together? I have around 30 coal to contribute.
  7. I love the tavern <3 great job! I love that I can remove items from my shop that have been there for years, ever since my item box got full! Thank you!! I was worried about my save file because of the amount of items I have and everything is saving fine for me. The save file beta is using actually has more items than I currently do >.< I like the new map Dread Dungeon, only played it once, but I like the feel of a smaller map.
  8. Might just be me, I'm not quite following what you are saying :( Do you mean introduce a way to cancel out of the wheel, say by pressing c, which instead of finishing a combination just puts you back to normal? How is that different from just misfiring? I mean, currently if you press your WoF hotkey, the only way to get out of it is to complete the wheel or get struck by an enemy. I propose, if you press your WoF hotkey and want to get out of it or stop the wheel, you can press your WoF hotkey a 2nd time only you pay the penalty of loss of HP and the cool down timer starts, as if you were
  9. I am actually for something like this, and it would add more consequences. I have always wanted a way to stop the wheel myself (just like you can turn off hero boost), and maybe there could be a consequence for stopping the wheel as well, like, the only way to stop the wheel is to complete it or be struck by an enemy. So why not add a consequence if we stop the wheel we loose hero hp, and of course we have the cool down timer?
  10. Mr. Tubs you seem like a very nice person, good luck on your entries ^.^ #27
  11. What if you finish the game as squire on royal gardens, nmhc, and receive a small egg? Like winter wonderland, you need to re-run the map 24 times to get a costume? Or, make a special easter map (royal gardens like) and have an Easter Bunny boss? Complete the map on insane, get a small egg. for the costume. Complete the map on NM, get a humongous egg, need 36 for the mega chicken. Bunny pet for survival? Golden egg? The eggs won't devalue, they will be like coal, and most likely have a consistent value added to them ^.^
  12. My friend used to have this happen to him, by a few different users, and he would track them down...bottom line was always the same, people will take advantage of a situation if given the opportunity and no one is monitoring it. Is it illegal? no. Is it wrong/immoral? yes. Greed is everywhere. It would be a better playing experience if you could be assured to not be harassed by individuals you have blocked from your game/shop. Sounds like a Steam issue, tbh, something that i would like is when you "block all communications" the "join game" option becomes grayed out. As far as wha
  13. I have played Dungeon Defenders since the release. One thing I have noticed with all the updates and the changes, it felt like Trendy was trying to please everyone, and with that the game became broken, one could say chaotic. We moved away from a challenging, fun, need to play multiple maps in the hopes(dreams) of getting that one reward to show off to your friends, kind of grind, to a boring, pay someone some coal to fill your item box with lab run goodies. Dungeon Defenders was pulled away from its original play style, where there were map specific rewards. I can tell you I have had mu
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