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  1. I've beat sky city on insane with 3 different groups it's not so bad as long as put up some magic blockades to distract the ogres when they drop and don't stand too near the crystals when defending the crystals. Crystaline dimension on insane the farthest we got was the fifth wave with chemyz, poundsand, kockeyedzombie and me on insane but haven't tried it too much since. Chemyz is the one who knows how to build it on insane but he really hasn't felt like playing it since. He was directing everyone where to build there stuff when we got that far. It does help with the time of build
  2. The gas trap does have a period when it is resetting and the mobs can walk freely too you have to consider
  3. mismatched unupgraded armor is an insta kick When running insane+ Moragoo I usually only keep 1 person who has a 150 upgrade occulus. Sorry for all the boots it's just Moraggo insane+ gets too hectic with more than 2 people especially if 1 person doesn't know what doing. If it's around round 10 or 11 will usually let the 3rd person stay if they cool and have good weapon. One thing I never do is boot the person who has been in it with me for a few rounds even if friend wants in.
  4. I heard if you talk while the boss is coming in you will lose connection so best to turn off mics when he coming in
  5. just listen for the lamps and follow the sound it not so bad
  6. I've made it to the fifth wave on insane with 4 good players, kockeyedzombie, cheymz, and poundsand. I know cheymz says he's beaten it on hard but insane is tough need a build for 5th round
  7. I beat sky city on insane twice. You have to have 2 other players that know what they doing. To get the portal to open up in your lobby you also have to be host. Crystaline dimension is difficult I only know of one who's beaten it on hard . I can help you sometime kiss but I'm not good at beating sky city boss actually never really tried always had someone who fought boss before
  8. My favorite saying is don't let the door hit you on the way out. I really don't know you though so wouldn't say anything either way
  9. to mcwolves 600 times? I think my score las time I checked Moraggo was around 1.3 trillion overall and I'm always the builder. The builder usually gets around 2.2 milion per run and when bring in the exttra controllers it's usually the last wave. So seriously no exaggeration on the 600 times.
  10. I saw someone yesterday when running Moraggo with a 118 soul focuser too.
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