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  1. Additional giveaway ideas: 1. host a pvp tourney with rules ex. no armor, squire only 2. trade items for last wave invites, who wouldn't want a shai run last wave invite? 3. trade builds, i still like your glitter + build bailey, not quite the same as i run but definately inspired by your build 4. see if the person has a conversation with you, if they join saying give me give me give boot that mooch out! I like the PVP event idea because those are always really fun and a last run Shai invite sounds good too
  2. in regards to weapons in chests, oh yes I have puller quite a few over time. I have a few in my tavern but usually end up giving them to the first person interested or trade them for something similar. I find 100+ guardians often off Ramparts but I rarely find a half decent animus from the shop off any map... best found was 105 upgrade with negatives on some stats what is the highest stats anyone pulled of armor? I have 120+ and seen 130 from the game but not sure what the maximum is Is there an updated list for item stats in game anyplace?
  3. Uhh dude he's on ps3 so he can't exactly add you so...just saying ...? I don't get it I'm on PS3 and the post is for PS3 I thought :/
  4. count me in gamer tag: kirihara_naoto it would be it would be suck a pleasure you wrote by the way :D also, 2 Jumbos with 35 ups or more... how much more ^_^
  5. But since I do have alot of free times, I could try to work on some idea's. And elaborate them with a story, and make links between them, it's would be hard work, but I could try. But anyway, I'm not part of the event team, so it's would not be a real event where peoples will really want to participate :P But it's would be fun anyway, I alreaddy created an event a long times ago, with some prizes, and peoples who participated in (they was maybe 15, for my first and only event it's not bad, I was supposed to do more events, since I had alot of idea's, but I was'nt able to get enough goods prize
  6. UPDATE: We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are cancelling the event for this weekend. We will update the community soon as to what the Event team holds for the month of October. Again, we're sorry for the confusion and for the inconvenience. PS3 Event Team what happened? please give a forum message before sign up if the event comes back Tito. I usually expect the sign up sheet to be up from Tuesday-Wednesday I guess I just double check throughout the week though just in case you throw me for a double loop here :D
  7. Since D3 has come to console a lot of ppl I used to run with have mysteriously vanished *looks under the couch* But im lookin for a few cool ppl to run moraggo insane/+/shai runs. Dunno the build yet so builders welcome lol. But have 83 huntress dps, 84 aura monk, 83 tower squire, and my noob with a stick 79 app. But hit me up if ya feel like runnin. Psn name is same as here. I'm up for any runs especially tomorrow since i will have a lot of extra time :) gamer tag:Kirihara_Naoto good builders at 90 with high gear except the 86 wall/attack defense apprentice lol I need to get Daiblo3
  8. I look forward to hopefully joining soon... ...right now I'm just a sad little left behind panda I just be over here munching on dry pasta and mucky bamboo stocks for now -Kiri
  9. Heer - it'll be up soon Me - that will be awesome :D lots of joy sorry post was poorly edited at first I noticed, fixed that Awesome Heer has already updated everyone it seems sorry I missed that :) Thanx, Sincerly, KIRI
  10. In fact I would like one with 100^+ but since I don't think someone have one or want to trade one, I'll take any Hastat,s recurve with 80^+ . Why? Simply because I love them. They are the niciest weapon for the huntress in my mind. But cannot get a good one... So there is it. Post what you looking for. I know, right :) I like them too but good ones don't pop up often when I try for them and I have all 90's tough builders at my disposal
  11. Heer gave a bit of a update :) Post is kinda misleading I think but I figured events were coming in this week or later weeks probably. Updates will be appreciated of course And thank you all for the great fun that the events are which keep the game fresh if Dreed ever wants to have night time hours for events most of you know me and I'm your man I work most of my early hours though... I'm a night owl :)
  12. You said we better calm down. I asked a QUESTION! Or else what? Well I better back off I'm arguing wirh a champion of etheria lol ... umm... what with the fighting, Heer didn't say anything that even sounds rude. Events are still here I'm sure people :D
  13. The new event weapon was real weak and my occulus hits harder than the event weapons so I just put those weak weapons in my other account and will stay there. Wasn't happy with these event weapons i had got they r just to weak for me to. U could of made a stronger weapon with a full charge on the weapons I hit 80k weak my oculus with a full charge does 254k so the new event weapons not me worth using. Thanks for the fun on the Event had fun. Thanks Gamer for the event I didn't get this at all because mine gets the same DPS as an oculus. I say furthermore that the oculus is a poor compariso
  14. The event was to easy, the 2 guys on my team didn't even wear armor and we still finished it, huntresses with a strong soul focus is all you need you have enough rage to take the ogres down before they can cause havoc, your pretty screwed if theirs a weak link in the team though. wait, didn't I have you on my team with ON_MY_Mind Kiss... I had 50 upgrade armor (what was supposed to be used according to rules of the game) and a high grade soulfocuser. I don't know about the other guy but we did well with great team work. Mostly it's just being on the look out for those pesky wyvern critters.
  15. This was an awesome event and I would like to thank the whole event team who worked hard making this event another great one I had On_My_Mind as my host and he made the game a lot of fun My team was all great too and we beat the game like the champions we are it was a plus that everyone was prepared and ready and followed the rules too :) I heard poor MaeMae had someone who tried putting up their own defense during the game and would not follow rules... I want to let the whole event team know that they are very appreciated for these events, which helps keeps the game fresh an
  16. please add me to or near the end of the event list Saturday. I know I can not list a time this event but I will be at work during the weekend. I would like to be placed near the end of the event participants list so that I don't get too early an invite while I'm away. I will be available for the event till late and I'm already ready for the event armor wise ect : )
  17. thanx for the clarification Heer :) I kinda figured armor upgrades were meant to be maximum of 50 times or less
  18. I thought i would have to put together armor with no more then 50 upgrades
  19. so it does mean armor 50 up grades or more. I have plenty of that :D
  20. that mean armor can't be upgraded more then 50 times, right
  21. event items unique or powerful would be fun to save up points for even good armor pieces would be nice since good 100+ armor can be difficult to find
  22. Awesome event thanks to all the host for putting together such a enjoyable event this week. I had fun playing with TitoDaddy as my host even though his mic died out half way in : )
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