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  1. Sure being able to move fully upgraded towers would be nice I think it would make things too easy. Have a stack of ogres at one wall? Go grab that 3 star harpoon from another location and have it help kill them, then move it back. Maybe if only the character that build the wall could move it and it would cost a lot of mana. That way if you want to move your wall you have to keep your wall builder active. Overall I don't think its a good idea and it would probably be hard to implement it. I play with a controller and I don't think there is an extra button that could be mapped to a move towe
  2. * Buff Beams no longer go down when a Tower is pushed out from them (though that specific Tower will lose its buff since it's no longer within the Beam) This is just getting out of hand. If pushed walls/towers don't make the buff beam go down then towers/walls removed by djinn also shouldn't make the buff beams go down. It seems like 7.30d will just completely remove sharken from the game. Edit: Just to be clear, I think this is a bad change. Removing a tower from a buff beam should make the beam go down regardless of how the tower got moved.
  3. So do they only charge at the crystal or just at the nearest defense or are they like ogres and target the defense attacking them?
  4. I'm sad they are being so quick to nerf the sharken before people even get a chance to try to deal with them in their current state. It's like the djinn all over again.
  5. The aura costs 2 DU more, though. I'm thinking I can remove buff beams from the walls to save du since the strength drain will cut mob damage by over half. Should result in the same effect as giving the wall 2x damage resistance, plus gives you more resistance while fighting mobs inside the aura. Will have to test it of course.
  6. You need to manually keep traps lit during the end of the wave. Do that and nothing will get despawned. Well that certainly makes sense. I'll try that next time.
  7. I do not like the idea of automatic player shop after an hour in tavern. Leave that up to the players. What if you fall asleep and forgot to lock the tavern? This is really not needed. Why would you leave you tavern unlocked in a public game? This sounds very high risk to me. I like the idea that afk shops get moved to the proper section after a while.
  8. I recently tried my first time to do Misty with a full team. It was very annoying at the end of each wave when 20-30 djinn spawn when everything else is already dead. We couldn't stop them from unsummoning, which meant stuff had to be rebuilt after the wave. How does everyone handle this? When three come out the same spawn point at once I can't stop them from taking stuff. I normally use a dps monk with a laser robot or griffon. I don't have this problem solo or duo.
  9. All that being said, I've already been using all of his towers. The apprentice is actually the only hero where all of his towers have some kind of niche. I'm glad they'll become slightly less situational. Same with me, I use a mix of harpoons and apprentice towers and it works well. Were as many people like to put proxies down, I would rather use a lightning that can cover a large area and that I don't need to think about repairing. I would like to see some sort of change to the DST, currently I can't really find a use for it.
  10. Strength drains will remove all darkness traps from my misty build and make it much more effective. When stacked with an ensnare it should stop dews from getting into my base. The monk has really become an essential character over the last few updates.
  11. When structures are buffed by beam they have a red sparkle on them. I don't get any red sparkle. Occasionally I get this when towers are buffed by a guardian but it's pretty hit or miss. I would really like to see some sort of indication both when placing and after the beam is placed.
  12. Just wondering what weapon combinations people have been using. I have a big stick and a crystal tracker currently but am thinking I need to replace the tracker with a minigun or bone bone for distance attacking. The big stick works very well when up close.
  13. Pure strategy is much easier than survival and the pet rewards are very similar.
  14. It seems like you only need about 400 tower attack to you buff beams to do 2x damage. At 800 mine do 2.1x. I would recommend focusing on tower hp. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
  15. I have an ATI card and run it in mirror mode. Exact same display shows on my monitor and tv. Is that what you're after? I
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