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  1. A mod should move this to suggestions forum
  2. so you need upgrades for what then? bellyaching just to bellyache? I want better weapons and ulitmate armor :)
  3. All but valentines day probably, that map just lags the crap out of me right when I start it up. Still I'll try to beat things I couldn't before, and when I'm done, I may try out new strategies. Or I may quit. I'll probably quit before I beat the hardest things the game has to offer though, but that should take some time. I love beating maps I couldn't beat before though. Right now I kind of want to beat Talay, but I'm scared of that map. It's so big. Farming items only takes long when you are at the point where you have to run the last couple waves of aquanos (or any shards map really) j
  4. Dunno .. but helping some "talkative" noobs sound fun for me :D I know you'll come back when Jester is released. Dude I sayed I will stop that means I will stop I deleted DD this time
  5. Crystalline Dimension is the final challenge in the game and is meant to be difficult. The Old One isn't going to let you walk all over him regardless of the difficulty you choose. Difficulty is relative. The newer, higher-end maps are supposed to be harder than the original ones. The level limit is higher, as are the hero stat caps, so the minimum standard as far as stats on each difficulty level is higher. None of it is impossible, but it is supposed to test you. It sounds like something might be wrong with your setup, or your stats are too low. What's the highest difficulty you've cleared
  6. Wait until you see how much EXP it takes to level 74+. There's nothing "hard" about leveling, there's no skill involved. yup just time a lot of time :/
  7. I agree to a certain degree about the low level of high quality loot. I have never had an ultimate item drop. Only ultimate items I have ever obtained have been from Boss Rush. progress is broken in this game tbh
  8. So i need a fully maxed out character to beat a map...on easy?.....=\ no you need good gear to beat the map on any difficulty
  9. hi there well i stoped playing DD for real this time becuse: 1- i got bored from it and im sure im not the only one 2- its hard to get upgrades really i do a survival run with 4 summoners from 20-30 NMHCMM to get a lot of trans and most of them are crap and 0 supremes 0 ultimates and when i see the clock i see that i lost 1-2 hours or more for nothing tbh i want you to tell me about what are you doing on dd are you having good times in end game ? or just like me got bored and never geting back to it ? i may say bye to the fourms too im not sure about that
  10. guys dont worry i lost an ultimate pristen helm drop from the air pad :(
  11. the CD reward wep is the best huntress wep in the game probably. 312 damage per up. ya that is a great weapon mine have 9k base and 282^ Ultimate
  12. Its no different then Alchemical Labs. If he lands on a tower, its dead. Same with the player. thats true i lost in alc lap when i first started for that :D
  13. awsome pic good job i like it
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