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  1. Looks rather bleak for us poor EU sods... i was so looking forward to testing EV today :p Yeah 7.24 didnt appear for download untill nearly midnight last week. Fortunately for me I worked last night and only woke up at about 4pm so I will be up well into the night.
  2. I have found one nadvantage to this map. It is possible to solo wave 1 and maybe 2 on Hardcore Nightmare with a sub 500 Countess and pick up some pretty good equipment quite easily given the 10 chests the stage has.
  3. ...than other challenges. I know they are doable, but they definitely require much better equipment than other challenges at the same level. It all comes back to the almost comical list of restrictions placed on your character. -Halved HP -Resistances cut. -Hero speed bonus negated. -Jump height cut. -Various abilities disabled (Battle Leap, Invisibility, Turtle Stance). -Projectile range limited. -Heal cost increased -Pets don't work Add to that the standard Hero damage reduction and projectile speed negation in nightmare and it really is silly. I understand that you co
  4. I may assume the those towers which are being desummoned are now biased towards attacking.. Your wall was attacking that Dijinn. I got that much. It is just a pain because the djinns will almost allways go after the walls or auras first while the projectile towers behind still do nothing. Even if they do go after a tower, that one tower attacking them will not by itself deal with the djinn on later levels. So effectively that part of the patch has done very little.
  5. * Projectile Towers are now biased towards attacking Djinn that are currently desummoning them I just played a couple of runs of NM HC Spires with my Countess and failed twice in the last wave because my Harpoons wont prioritize Djinns desummoning the Spike Barricades holding the Ogres back right in front of them.
  6. - I wanted to write this as I am tired of reading complaints and people bashing Trendy - Seriously... Trendy has been doing an amazing job listening to us and keeping up to date a game we all enjoy playing, most companies release something and dont bother with what any of us have to say so calm down everyone. so now to the Djinn, they are a VERY refreshing change to this game, yes they needed some tweaking, but Trendy was on top of that within hours. If ANYONE remembers Trendy said that this is "early access to Nightmare mode" that means it will not be done untill all 4 shards are out. This
  7. If you aren't watching your towers for even 10 whole seconds in a game, you deserve to lose, Djinns or no Djinns. I can't accept that. Due to the ARPG elements in this game you have to accept the fact that some players will be below, some at and some in excess of the levels needed for a given level. That gives rise to situation where some players wil be strong enough to AFK some levels. If you refuse to accept that and insist on game balance that keeps all players needing to be active or risk failure then you inevitably create a situation where those levels become impossible for weaker playe
  8. The Djinn wouldn't be so bad. But they're basically flying ogres that can delete our barricades. If you don't have 2000 stat towers, you can't possibly hope to DPS a Djinn quickly enough to prevent it, even with 3+ harpoons pointed in each direction. Seriously, I thought that this patch might help with the loot progression, but now they made the best gear even LESS accessible to those of us without the best gear. I understand giving the furthest along more to do, but not at the cost of anybody else being able to join them without them selling us ****. Anybody who has used the shops looking f
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