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  1. IMO fore 8 DU a single target low attack Rate tower like the Deadly Strike should be doing The most damage per hit of anything. It disadvantage should be poor DPS vs swarms of weak enemies due to substantial overkill on the damage wasting its power. It shouldn't be bad at DPS in general and therefore only usable in a few situations to cover the occasional Spider/Wyvern spawn over a large area, or to clear up enemies in Pure Strategy that are sitting out of range of other defenseswhich the Lightning Towers do better anyway. A change like this could make it an alternative to gas traps for cov
  2. My understanding is 5% more than the levels after the 60% boost in 7.26c. The reason the wording is a bit confusing is because 7.27 appeared to remove some of the HP buff 7.26c gave which was unintentional. In the spirit of goodwill rather than simply restore it Jer decided to give another 5% on top.
  3. Beat all the story stages (Deeper Well -> Glitterhelm) on Nightmare Hardcore to get the Hardcore Mythical Defender achievement and you will get it asuming you got the normal portal gun content for buying it from steam.
  4. Apprentice has highest dps in game. He's just fragile. This, at least in the case of single target DPS anyway. if you get your charges right on a 100+ charge speed staff with decent attack you can be doint 1m+ tavern DPS in earlyish Nightmare with 500 or so stats and no skill boosts needed. Problem is standing right in an Ogre's face is not wise as an apprentice as you will die so there is no way it is the best DPS class despite the huge DPS it can pull off.
  5. The Giraffe does nothing but add to stats. The top row will allways be blank because it has no attacks or abilities beyond boosting your skills.
  6. I believe he will be able to equip two pets. I don't really get this dual-wielding fetish, but it seems to be influential. As to RTS-style... I don't want his minions to outnamber mobs. Maybe one, two or three summons at most will be enough, otherwise we get a mess. Also, wonder how it works with other heroes and towers. Right, we need more towers for tower-defense! I was going to call multiple pets. Anyway It would be nice to see enemies or small groups of enemies that function like towers but with the ability to move around the map a bit to attack enemies possibly with the summoners
  7. You could always find a way to make your PC press G grepeatedly to start waves. I am sure there is some software somewhere that could do it.
  8. Extra projectile speed would also have benefits in DPS especially for single target towers. At shorter ranges the projectiles would reach their current target faster so the tower would fire less shots at enemies that will already be dead if the enroute shots had already hit the enemy. You ca see the benefits of this effect if you play Raining Goblins on insane with a high projectile speed gun and a low or negative projectile speed gun that can both one hit kill the goblins with the same fire speed.
  9. has anyone confirmed the remote tower boost from the initiate too? Doesn't work. Remote defense boost still works through the same means as Guardians and Buff Beams so it does not stack with them, it just overwrites weaker guardian/beam boosts and gets overwritten by stronger ones. You can stack the attack bonuses of the 2 tower boosts though.
  10. For this combo to be "overpowered", you do realize it'll requires the following: - User to own EV, or User's friends. - Having a monk out, who arent known to be the tankiest of classes (even with the new health buff) - Having a monk that spent 2500 points into Tower Boost. - Said monk would probably have crap in both their offensive (Health, Damage...) and defensive abilities (Aura Health, Aura Strength...) Dont know about you, but someone that makes a new monk, and keep him outside for combat phases over a dps character (or the actual tower builder). And amanged to complete and up
  11. Does monk stack with buff beam? Answer is here at 3:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5rKwNhVUWI It is important to note in game it doesn't stack with the Initiate's Remote Defense Boost this is because, as I said before, the Remote Defense Boost, Guardian Boosts and Buff Beam boosts work the same way and only the strongest of the 3 will take effect. The normal Monk's defense boost worked differently, and badly, and as a result did stack with buff beam and guardian boosts which is why it could be very powerful if it still does stack and not overwrite or get overwritten.
  12. I actually like this idea. It would have to only allow increasing the DU cost of short walls to gain the HP benefit as long low DU walls would allow you to do something currently completely impossible as opposed to simply removing the inconvinience of angling or extensing wall past the choke point edges.
  13. As I hinted at in the other topic if the properties of the boost aren't changed to overwrite instead of stack with guardian/beam boosts this could be unbelievably broken at high levels. A buff beamed tower already does about 3.5 times the DPS of one not boosted throw in a temporary 3 times on top of that at 2000 boost stat and lol. Then consider 2 guardians + Tower Boost. 30+ DPS multiplier FTW.
  14. That new scaling of the tower buff could be awesome and most likely overpowered if it still stacks multiplicatively with Guardian/ Buff Beam boosts. One reason I rarely use either monk in combat is the fact defense boost sucked and remote defense boost works the same way as buff beams and guardians so doesn't stack with them.
  15. It is an all the time thing. You can see the difference between the damage in the Tavern and in NM stages. This doesnt sound like good news to me either way. Squire towers were pretty much the only thing allowing me to make any significant progress in early NM and I was under the impression most people believed the otherrcharacters needed more tower damage to keep up not the reverse.
  16. I would like to see more varieties of the resolutions in the option menu, especially 2560x1600, so I dont have to restart the whole game if I want to reset it. A user defined input field (like the one in the configuration menu) would be fine too. I agree. My laptop is 1366 x 768 but I often play with HDMI output on a 1080 p TV and switching back afterwards is quite annoying.
  17. It seems to have no use whatsoever later in the game. It doesnt do enough extra damage over say the Proximity mine to justify its single target nature and while it can be set off by flying enemies it also cant hit lightning elemental enemies at all. I would say it needs a significant damage buff but realistically short of doing a couple of hundred thousand damage I don't see that helping it much, perhaps it needs some change to give it a new purpose such as playing towads its AA capability although it's element would affect its reliablility in that capacity. While I am on the subject of poi
  18. Portal them into a Physical Barrier box with a Darkness Trap on the floor if you want a real laugh.
  19. Yeah realising this made it seem much more useful. Also if you play multiplayer remeber that allies can drop mana for you to absorb if you are co-ordianted and have genies that can be really effective.
  20. It wouldn't. Multiplayer it can help in a round about way. You can get a friend with a Genie to drop mana at you when you have it active.
  21. Let's ask this question 50 times in separate threads. That seems like a great idea! Answer: each stat boosts a different stat. i.e. EV damage stat boost tower damage. Yes, it does. This. I had 120 skill points spent in Tower HP and Damage and about 100 in Speed. I respeced so I still had 120 in damage but no points spent on the other 2 and on a 3 star the Resistance boost dropped 0.02 from 1.93 to 1.91 and the attack rate boost dropped by 0.01 from 1.69 to 1.68. The damage stayed at 2.12 and Range at 1.56.
  22. I checked the Adept properly with my gear giving about 550 hero damage, 400 Mana Bomb and a 6000 damage staff Purity bomb was doing about 8000 in the Tavern and only 5000 in NM Deeper Well. Mana Bomb however was doing about 30000 in the tavern and close to 78000 in NM.
  23. What I've noticed, is the boost beam doesn't seem to affect health at all, so I don't know what that resistance stat is supposed to be about. It makes it useless for boosting walls though, which is unfortunate. It should work the same way as the Squire Guardian does. Increases the damage resistance so the towers take less damage from attacks and therefore survive longer.
  24. Nice patch is installed and I can't buy the new droid :(. What's the point releasing the patch if you can't buy what the new patch offers?? It isn't on the front page yet but you can do a search for it.
  25. Mana bomb buff? CREEPER MAGE RETURNS! I am trying to work out if Purity Bomb was buffed as well. with 120 points in the Adept's Mana Bomb but only using a weak weapon it was doing about 5 times the damage of the Alt attack up close which seems higher than I remeber but I may be mistaken. If it is buffed as well then it could decimate ****ds of weak mobs due to its massive range.
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