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  1. For confirmation, yes, EV defenses can be moved by moving the nodes Since one of the recent patches they can be moved from any point along their length, try it in Unfriendly Allies or against the Goblin Mech.
  2. With the ammout of DPS it can put out at the moment, i.e. less than Fireballs and Harpoons that can also hit multiple enemies and cost less DU, the Deadly Strike prioritising Ogres and Djinn over Wyverns, Spiders and even Mages would be really bad. Unless they get a quite significant damage buff or some kind of additional stun/interrupt effect their best use is one shotting spiders over a wide area and they arent even particularly good at that. Other than that I agree.
  3. Yeah buff beam and Remote Defense boost are both like having a set of weaker guardians on the towers they are affecting. The monks Tower Boost is a flat damage multiplier base don the number of points in it which will work even with Buff Beams, Apprentice Guardians and the Remote Defense Boost.
  4. Why do you have the spike blockades facing the opposite direction? Was this intentional or lazy? Do they stand up better when placed backwards? It is intentional. If it is backwards it doesnt hit enemies so it doesnt generate aggro. If the towers behind do good damage Ogres will just walk into them and occasionally fire a poison ball at the towers behind it but wont attack anywhere near as often.
  5. The problem with hitting distant targets is the fact that the the tower fires to hit where the target will be when the projectile reaches it if it continues moving in the same direction. This makes long range tower attacks useless unless, as suggested above, range gets the benefit of increasing projectile speed as well so the enemies get no chance to change direction before the projectile reaches them. The other possible solution I can think of is to add a slight homing property to draw the projectile onto the target slightly so it helps long range accuracy.
  6. I am thinking that with the stats on this equipment getting silly they are probablly concidering extending survival which the new survivalist achievement hints at as well
  7. I think there is a certain number of WAVES you need to complete in order to get the Tavern to change pets. I think it's something like 8-10 waves. I could be completely wrong, so maybe someone else has some input (or maybe a dev) It is 5 waves cleared, at least it is starting at the first wave.
  8. I can confirm the same problem here. Cannot complete any of the Fests at the moment due to ogres getting re-healed by mages. Had 8 harpoons beating on 3 ogres for 3mns and they still stayed up at close to max health, obviously i ran out of time and this has been going on most of the day. Patch might have fixed something but ruined something else... sigh Everytime there's a patch, there's also a new bug that comes with it....gg Trend... Try 12 3 star Harpoons on 3 star buff beams. I calculated the combined DPS to be somewhere near 6m and ogres weren't dying. At least it is being fixed tod
  9. I started summoning gas in addition to my Darkness and Ensnare to combat the buffed Mages in UMF2 and found my 0.15 fire time harpoons suddenly missing wyverns that appeared to be doing a slow mo twirling to the ground animation. I ended up failing because they were continuing to shoot over those wyverns and missing.
  10. It is possible it is the same effect noted by several other people. Mages seemed to get a stealth buff and heal enemies for about 10% of their total HP now which can make Ogres and Djinn very hard to kill. In OMF Ogres can be getting near 2 million HP each time a mage heals in later waves.
  11. I definitely agree something has changed. I was running UMF and a couple of waves in I not5iced my barriers were low on HP after a wave so I watched the next wave and the Ogres were building up in front of the barriers because they were getting the best part of 1 million HP every second or 2. Summoning a Gas Trap in addition to mu usual Ensnare + Darkness helped but it was still much tougher than usual to to make progress.
  12. Ogres getting stuck isnt that big a problem, ogres wandering somewhat randomly is more common but you can just get them to follow you to your towers. What is a big problem is Djinn Spawns in Lifestream Hollow UMF. In the last 3 or 4 waves the Djinn dont start spawning untill about half way through the wave and this means that by the end of the wave you have killed all but 5-10 enemies with a couple of minutes to spare and still fail because all of the remaining enemies are Djinn which only spawn 3 at a time, have a decent delay before spawning after one dies and cant realistically be killed
  13. i dont like the first idea. it is to easy for now, because you can build everything with one account. if you could switch your char everywhere...why do you want to play this game online? there would be no sense to play with others. Thing is in survival you can already build everything solo because there is no build phase timer and rightly so as starting survival at later waves would be impossible if you did have a time limit. The problem is when you already have infinite time what is the sense in making you walk all the way back to the forge to switch every time you need to build a differe
  14. JUst an option to change the tavern to Nightmare in general so the stats of towers, damage of heroes and pets and even resistances can be checked in NM more easily.
  15. Really? I was under the impression EV walls were the best, they offer the best HP per DU, the ability to become massive 5DU walls and the best versatility in the area that can be covered. Magic Barricades are too easily broken and while removing immunities does half the damage enemies do to the wall Darkness Traps are much more reliable at removing them and allow you to use the beefier walls of the EV and Squire. Spike Baricades are nice though, they can be placed backwards to avoid taking enemy aggro which can greatly boost their survivability but they are much more restrictive and DU heavy i
  16. I just made another run on Lifestream Hollow UMF setting up in the top corner and failed on wave 13 because with 2 minutes left and all of the other enemies dead there were still 8 Djinn to kill and I ran out of time killng the last one. Is this just my bad luck or have the Djinn spawns on this level been changed. I think the solution is simple. Either reduce the delay after an existing Djinn dies before a new one can spawn to take its place or start them spawning sooner than half way through the waves enemy count. Edit: I have confirmed this is not a problem in normal UMF only Uber Life S
  17. Guardians, Buff Beams and the Initiates Remote Defense Boost all don't stack. The strongest boost to each of the 4 stats will be the one that takes effect. The only exception is the Monk's Tower Boost, the damage bonus it gives will multiply with the bonus from any of the above, so a monk that can double tower damage with Tower Boost active can result in a tower doing 4x damage if you have a 2x buff beam or 5 times with a decent Apprentice Guardian.
  18. They still have between 1.5 and 2 times the effect of the buff beam so they arent useless but because the buff beam already provides a significant proportion of each guardians boost and the beam itself will use up a target of the guardian they are definitely less useful. especially in stages where you cna mass buff beam boosted towers like the monster fests.
  19. I still dont get it. I have seen a lot of people talking about the benefits of stacking infernos for big damage but every test I have done outside of the tavern has shown the enemies dont take any significant ammount more damage from more than 1 inferno at a time and as a result even with nearly 1000 Trap Damage and 600+ in other stats my Rangers stack of 5 traps has difficulty killing enemies in monster fests once the mages start showing up.
  20. It is possible the book may be a new weapon but expect it is more likely it will use an existing weapon. I would like to see its weapon replaced with an additional pet and the attack buttons utilised to exercise some control over the pets or whatever abilities its defenses have.
  21. I like the sniper idea. I was actually thinking something similar being done to Deadly Strike towers to make them act like some kind of railgun as their current damage and RoF means they have less DPS for more DU than a Harpoon anyway.
  22. Tried this weeks ago and tried it again now and I am still finding that Infernos wont stack their damage outside of the tavern most of the time. I have clearly seen enemies taking damage from a fully upgraded Inferno suddenly stop getting hit by it and start taking hits only from a weaker inferno with no upgrades as they walked into its shorter range, then if I get their attention and make thme follow me back out of the traps they will begin taking the higher damage numbers as they ge tout of range of the weaker trap again. Ogres in particular seem to never get hit by more than 1 inferno trap
  23. It is 7.28. I wnt into Insane Alch Lab Survival starting at wave 14 and the chests had 840 mana each. Seems good to me.
  24. Not sure if this is a problem in the Original or OMF but recently in Lifestream Hollow the Djinn spawns in the later waves have been a cause of much frustration. They don't start spawning untill about half way through the wave and due to a combination of the quantity of Djinn in the waves and the limit of 3 on the map at once I end up having to wait for half a dozen Djinn to spawn 3 at a time when everything else is dead it it can really push the time limit if any of the are indecisive about where they want to go.
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