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  1. I allways use the Goblin Mech theme. I find it odd I never noticed Spooktacular was missing because I like that music, I guess just not enough to have set it as my tavern theme.
  2. My friend and I pulled a 14 hour first session of this game. Not exactly huge but at 5am when we stopped we realised neither of us has moved or done anything else at all in those 14 hours.
  3. I know GAME shipped my Loot Chest today but I am working tonight so I have a tough decision when I get in from work at 7:30 tomorrow. 1) Sleep so that I wont have alrwady been up for 20 hours when the game arrives and risk sleeping through the mail man and having to go collect it from the post office at 7am Friday morning (and I would be there at 7am). 2) Buy some energy drinks and try to stay up for 36+ hours. The reason they are my only choices is because I know my friend will be getting plenty of sleep and we are planning to play co-op together.
  4. I am just about to start avoiding any and all Borderlands 2 discussion. Being in Europe means the release is still 3 days away. I am expecting my Loot Chest Edition may arrive on Thursday but I can't be sure untill I see when it gets dispatched. I suppose I will ask what you favorite gun in the first game was. I personally favored the Torgue Cobra. Sniper + Explosions, I LIKE IT! It helped that it fit nicely into Brick builds and after Knox added a a sniper mod for Lillith, Lillith builds as well.
  5. im testing out an ult classic staff right now in open but am wondering about a few things. when i use the autofire (left+right click) the dps is terrible. when i rapidly press left click i get widely variable damage splats. from low 500 k or less to 1.7 m. a fully charged blast always does about 1.79 m damage. so sometimes my dps is around 10 m and sometimes its around 22 m. why is there so much variability when i spam left click? my charge rate is also about 84. Because small variations in the time you are holding the button have a big effect on the percentage charge and therefore dam
  6. I have the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition pre-ordered. I have to wait until probably the 20th and maybe the 21st because I often get games delivered a day early but there is still a 3 day gap before release in Europe. I have 2 weeks holidaystarting on the 22nd and a couple of friends to play with as well so it should be good fun.
  7. Monkey + Genie has the range to hit enemies before towers kill them in earlier waves although with Ogres of the strength and numbers we have now enemies no reaching your defenses is hardly an issue anymore. I will still maintain an Apprentice with a Genie is the best upgrader overall though. Overcharge makes upgrades virtually instant even at moderate stats which saves far more time than not having to attack.
  8. It is 100% possible to get Ultimate Armour on Palantir. I personally got some Ultimate Pristine Gloves from the clear rewards on Insane Hardcore. Don't hold your breath though, I am not sure what NMHC is like but getting that drop on Insane HC took nearly 40 runs with 2 characters . Technically i should say 3 characters as much friend was in the games as well and he got 0 Ultimate Armour.
  9. I had a peice of level 1 gear that boosted tower speed to over 220 from Insane Boss Rush. It had no Tower Range or Damage either so you could throw it on a level 1 and clear later insane campaign stages easily. It killed tower HP and all hero stats though.
  10. If progression were tweaked to make it more linear and natural I would consider coming back to the game. I pretty much just check the forums to see if that's happened or is going to. Pretty much this. I don't mind grinding but when you are grinding against a RNG with no sense of actually making progress for hours at a time it gets frustrating. I am currently making good progress on a new FFXI account and waiting for Borderlands next month. Got a good 600+ hours out of DD between PS3 and PC but not really enjoying it so much after that last shards pack.
  11. I have to admit I laughed when I equipped a set of gear I made to boost ability 2 to my Apprentice then my Adept. Mana Bomb isn't great but I found Purity Bomb dealing noticeably less damage even to Dark Elves in NM quite funny. I still don't quite understand why Mana/Purity Bomb are the only specials whose primary purpose is to deal damage that are not affected by weapon attack and hero damage. Enemy HP scaling leaves them in the dust very quickly as the waves rise in NM.
  12. I may go back and play it at some point. I made it to act 3 before Dungeon Defenders took up all my time again. The problem is even though I have hardly played DD in 2 weeks that has a lot to do with picking up Final Fantasy XI again when the complete Abyssea Edition was cheap on steam. Only reason I stopped playing it in 2008 was university taking all my time but I have more free time now which combined with the massive reduction in the grind last year has made it a good time to start up again.
  13. Between my friend and I we have never seen a Gryphon, a Laser Bot, a Hamster or any of the pets added in DLC which is in line with the list here. I think I recall my friend getting a Fairy but I can'tsay with certainty I remember that correctly.
  14. You also have to consider that not being able to complete the content itself is a cost. It may not be financial but some people really don't like leaving games unfinished and being forced to do so because your fate is in the hands of the RNG can mar the whole experience.
  15. There is one thing I need to add to the debate about progression that I thought about for a while recently. I am no stranger to grinding, you are looking at someone with a 700+ hour Disgaea 3 save who has spent literally hundreds of hours "completing" class world with not 1 but 5 unique characters. For anyone not versed in Disgaea that is effectively me repeating the same 15 minute sequence of events over 1000 times a sequence which is itself 3 near identical 4 minute runs of a 10 floor dungeon with a slight variation every 3rd run. That is grinding to another level and the resulting benefi
  16. The problem is pretty straightforward, you got it pretty much right by saying that good loot drops are too rare on later maps, but I will say that that problem has arisen because of the addition of the shards enemies. While you can debate to what extent each shards enemies has increased the difficulty of the game they all have to some extent, so older maps on NM have become harder with no loot quality boost. This means that while in most cases you can still find upgrades with the level of stats needed to beat stages on NM, you have been increasingly forced to rely on grinding levels over an
  17. I just started Summoner as my main char and i don't really see him viable as DPS class (and i have only little experience with the game). The fact that you yourself cannot do anything but stand. Much better use would be using guardian pets to improve DPS of either minions of apprentice towers. You will get some huge results by doing so. Goin back to the topic tho, so best DPS pets for Summoner are 2 Seahorses? Actually a Seahorse and Propeller Cat would be best now. A good Cat can more than double hero damage output making one seahorse better than 2 and giving you an AoE boost to other He
  18. All I know is that it is an X-Men Gambit reference but I agree that given the heavy chess theme on the stage it doesn't really fit.
  19. It is worth noting they are not random, they appear in about a dozen or so fixed locations with a limited numbee being active at any given time.
  20. Running high wave survival you cna see some of these -127->128 range stats getting as high as 400 to 500 which not only screws up the value when you pick it up but makes it a pain to even tell at a glance what it will roll over to.
  21. One thing I will say on this change is that it wont fix all of the problems with Copter flying height. One major problem with the copters on some levels is that they will attack you from a very high position by flying the set distance above a peice of terrain higher than you are standing on. You will see it a lot in Oasis Monster Fest and I have seen it a few times in The King's Game already.
  22. Now I have had a good chance to play, overall I like it. The Map feels a bit like cheating and could probably do with some increase in difficulty but is fun to play and will definitley help many players get past the walls they have been beating their heads against for the past month trying to progress. As for the Jester, The fact it has better HP, Movement Speed and Damage scaling than the Apprentice, EV and Huntress makes it very useful as a DPS class despite it's lack of offensive skills and for thhat reason alone I think it is a better designed class than the EV and Summoner who have bee
  23. The Apprentice weapon seems on par with the Sky City Staffaphone at 68 per up on supreme and lower. The Monk weapon hasn't got the really fast melee speed of the Monk Wrench, it has 284 Melee damage per upgrade but it doesnt make up for it. On the ranged side it gets 159 damage per upgrade and +5 projectiles, it sounds like it is pointless based on those numbers but it does have a unique shot pattern, firing all 6 cards equally spaced in an arc half the angle of most monk weapons, so the firepower is more concentrated at range. Squire weapon is pointless, don't even bother, it has less t
  24. My first run nmhc rewards weren't great. I got a Godly Pawn Shot, a sub par Myth Gambler's Polearm, a Trans Bishop which I can't equip to anyone even if it was worth using and a highish quality Squire reward that is, like the Bishop, rendered pointless anyway by better rewards.
  25. I will mention the Gambler's Polearm Having one advantage over the Lemurian and Wrench at mid range. It has about half the spread angle of standard monk weapons. All 6 cards fly within the width of the 2 closest projectiles either side of the middle on normal monk weapons. As for builds, on insane I beat it easy with a 1500 stat buffed aura stack at each crystal, later on I sped it up by summoning 1 or 2 un-buffed or upgraded harpoons with ?/1800/400/1600 pointing at each spawn. On NM I summoned 5 buffed harpoons and an aura stack at each crystal and beat it almost AFK carrying 3 extras in t
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