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  1. Me and friends made a group called team rogue, you don't have to be perfect just relatively good In team rogue we help each other and others that need it. Rule 1: you must have TWO level 74 characters. Rule 2: You will not take advantage of our help Rule 3: you must obey rules #1 and 2. Now to get in you must go through "initiation" By initiation i mean you must go 1 on 1 with each me, ltg100, and oojj1234 Rules of the 1v1 Rule 1: you must have at least a total of 10 kills ( doesn't matter if we still have more) Rule 2: NO CAMPING! Rule 3: Its the same as the other rule #3
  2. HOW DO WE DO THE DESERT? can anyone post maybe a picture of where we needa place everything? i cant even beat it on easy :/
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