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  1. Bull****! your probably a hack, or a Beta tester on defense!
  2. I keep hearing ppl say, try gas traps, ensnare, beam.. etc.. These are not working. Why come out with a an enemy that's so OP, and immune to everything. Only the hacks fun have in this game. If you do a ranked build you could never play NM!
  3. Nothing i have found is working against them, there pointless! my gas traps arent working, ensnare never worked, the shock line trap thinkgy doesnt work, I'm back to square one this game again. Sick of this crap!
  4. what is this new monster that keeps blasting thru my blockades and how do stop him? Help!!
  5. Since the latest patch monsters keep getting stuck in UMF NM. sometimes it's a spider in a wall, or wyvnern in a wall. this last game on wave 10 2 djinns were just floating in the street and I couldn't get them to move. Finally time runs out cause there stuck. Anyone else having this problem? This happened every so often before this patch but now it's 3 out of 4 games end this way.
  6. neither of those builds works for me, the best i can get on tower stats is 1400, i use another squire build for blockade health thats 1400. When the djinns take a blockade, i have to have my countess build a weak one in its place. any solution to this? I can no longer farm anything since the Djinns entered the game.
  7. I keep running out of time, and am not banking much mana either. does anyone have a new build for old Uber monsterfest? great mana farming, but the djinns killed my build.
  8. where do you get the new guardian pets? I have not been able to do anything since they brought Djinns in the game. no /survival no nothing. I use 2 squires one for health and Tower damage, when a Djinn takes out a Blockade i have to build a weak one in its place. Which pretty much totaled by Ogres. So no more farming for me. Maybe a better pet will help, if u could tell me where you are getting them.
  9. I really need to stop posting, but i can't help it....lol, this was great game! This new patch makes it impossible with the Genies, if was to get the game today i would never be able to play NM the gap is massive now!
  10. I believe there is a lot game Deleting going on. I hope they email us when they completely removed the patch all together! but by then Diablo will be released and this game will probably be an after thought.
  11. Wow Trendy! you guys are awesome! I am now back to farming Spires at 5 to 10 mil a run! The Genies so rock! no more Misty, no more Ubermonster fest! so much fun. was just about to finish another squire build so i could beat monster-fest! but screw that, I mean who needs it, really? So much fun playing in these lower maps i worked so hard to beat so i could play the better maps with better drops! I just have one question, how do you get so many morons to work so hard for 3 months and accomplish nothing but pissing a bunch of ppl off? you were real quick to nurf what u thought was OP hero's, wheres the quickness in fixing this? Oh I forgot large quantities of morons! I think a refund is due!
  12. The Djinn are manageable in campaign, but in survival and "ubers" they make progression impossible. And considering that those are the only places to go after you wrap up the campaigns, this pretty much ends the game after you beat summit on NM They Nerf the djinns or get rid of them or give me my money back, Diablo has a release date finally anyways!
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