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  1. Sometimes you need to retry as the others said if you get nuked by an assassin, but in general I don’t think it’s a hard map and quite enjoyable. I would rather play keep than ancient ruins or the 1 pirate map (the boat one is easy). Those I reroll away from.
  2. Are there any websites, wiki pages or forum topics displaying all the ancient power icons?
  3. Don’t agree at all. I like mastery, but it is a really slow grind and challenges like Diversity are hard if you don’t have enough shards and heroes for it. I’ve only got Mass Destruction and close to Visicous Strikes. I would like Destructive Plyon too. Just ain’t worth doing it until I’m done AP resetting. I will however say that the map loot is crap, so gold earnings, shards etc. while you are grinding is horrible. So mostly it’s for the mastery rewards.
  4. Then I am convinced not to run public when AP grinding. 25% difficulty on 6-7 lanes where the extra player babysits 1-2. Better off on my own, can also minimise my costs per reset that way.
  5. As the title says, does anyone know how much the difficulty scales up with number of players? I’m doing AP resets and my defences work perfectly fine playing solo, requires more attention around floor 29-30 but it works with minimal babysitting. As soon as I play public and more players start joining, lady orcs that would normally die start getting through my defences, bosses naturally start getting more tanky and I’ve come to the conclusion it just ain’t worth playing public. The contribution the players are making just doesn’t make up for the difficulty. This is probably in p
  6. I mean it’s very rare case it’s relevant. The first time you gain 50 ascension you get +3 min ascension. So next reset you need to gain 97 and so on.
  7. Hey When pushing AP resets, ideally you just progress to the minimum floor and reset again. Let’s assume you are close to gaining 50 ascension during a reset, would you bother to push for that before resetting just to gain the +3 min ascension?
  8. Seems like the difficulty goes significantly up from floor 30 to 31? 1-30 was faceroll. Floor 31 even in full C7 gear wasn’t auto-win, maybe it’s just the frost lanes doing the difference.
  9. To not make it too complicated, you get about 12 min ascension for every floor you beat and it’s almost not even worth considering your current ascension level.
  10. Sorry if I was unclear, I only upgraded the relic and weapon to C4 so it cost 30k roughly, I didn’t look at the exact figure. I only upgraded them to make the run from floor 5-30 comfortable. The weapon for ok damage frostfire procs and the relic had 10/10 rate, 9/10 range and 4/10 shocking rev, mostly I wanted it for the CC but I will be storing it until a later push. My plan is to do 10-16 resets before I push again, depending on how comfortably I can do it and how long my gold lasts. If I avoid upgrading burning strikes my gold should last around 13-14 resets. Min Asc 557 and next
  11. Decided to reset at floor 74, couldn’t be bothered repeatedly failing lost temple anymore. Almost ready for the 2nd reset now. Got a gilded crit damage and destruction. Spent 1 mil gold roughly. Upgrading burning strikes out of laziness, upgrading 1 relic, frostfire weapon, and maxing out a defense rate. Will avoid the burning strikes next reset and keep a huntress in my deck, that will halve the cost already. Been easy enough without grinding to floor 100.
  12. I ain’t convinced. Was doing weekly incursion yesterday with hero afking. Frostfire was popping off 5 times a wave per lane on 200 mob waves, so probably enough so I would call it significant.
  13. I try to sit on my CC weapon mans when they spawn, if they are headstrong though then I will die.
  14. I’m at ascension 342, floor 63. I’m tempted to reset at around floor 70. Most maps I have to reroll a lot of times and struggle getting through. That would reset me 160 ascension over my current for approx 2000 Defense Power. So 10 resets should be easy before pushing again. I’m not sure it makes sense to upgrade my gear to C8 and use lots of resources on that to push towards floor 100.
  15. I’m a player without tenacity 10/10 so on all lanes with cybork I crowd control with shatters and PDT’s for petrify combo. Issue is, now I have frostfire remnants weapon and I don’t want to exploit the bug (as far as I know it’s not fixed yet). So what is a good way to trigger as much petrify as possible without shatter? PDT remains the obvious source of poison. My thoughts are: Earth servo Ramsters: Good AoE Shield pierce Cheap tower Poor range Low damage scaling with upgrades Earth servo Ballistas: Better source of damage than Ramster
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