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  1. You could add a key-binding in the UDKInput.ini (location: Steam\SteamApps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\Config ) with the following command to any key you want to: Command="ActivateCrystal". this does not work... tried a million times
  2. Not only this, but the possibility to change costumes at the tavern (not build fase, just the tavern) For exemple: Today I was playing with some friends, we unlocked a new costume. I decided that I wanted to equip that and, since I was the host, everyone got kicked because I needed to go back to the MAIN MENU, just to change costumes, and then, finally start playing online again. I don't know if there's something that makes this impossible to implement, but that would be cool. Sometimes I just want to change colors, and going back to the menu is annoying. Maybe, when you confirm the
  3. Just play a on random Glitterhelm Insane server. There's a lot of them, since that's the best for Leveling up... There you go, lot's of godlys... The problem is when you get to 74, to get mythicals... But there's a lot of guides on how to beat some maps on Nightmare with "bad" equips.
  4. Fixed in 7.31b, more than doubled the amount of vertical look space, enjoy staring up into the clouds :) Will it work with first person view?
  5. I made a request here a few days ago, nothing... /signed
  6. You are supposed to find these and overwrite them. But most of them are grouped, so you won't have to change 1 by 1. Tip, search for the [...] things first. (remember, you can use Ctrl+F to find these easier) And it can't be possible that when you join an Easy difficulty game, they kick you with the lvl 4 explanation. Maybe they want to play alone (and don't know how to host private games, even if it's pretty clear how to do), or they are waiting for some friends. EDIT.: or maybe they are just jerks. I've seen a lot of them. You upgrade, repair, help. Then when you are not needed anymor
  7. Try this post http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=25868691&postcount=1 with THIS CONFIGs http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26176518&postcount=84 If it helps, then, there it is!! =)
  8. About the lag: Check what kind of lag do you get. Is it graphic lag or connection lag? -If it is graphical, and your settings are on min already, there's not much you can do beside getting a better PC, I guess. -If it is connection lag, be sure you are joining games on your region. Be sure the host has a good connection too. (sometimes, even if you have a beast connection, if the host is bad, there will be a lot of lag) About being kicked Be sure you are not joining some insane/nightmare games. -There's a filter on the server browser, so you can set it to find only "easy" games, or what
  9. @Igniz12 The problem is: The game recognize the config. AND, the W7 security UAC is deactivated. No firewall, no antivirus. This is definitely not the problem Look at my DDConfigTool But this doesn't work in-game. Trendy, please, make an easier way to do this... :(
  10. I did the exact same thing. Even deleted the folder and verified cache (then downloaded again), and tried again. I doesn't work. As an important note, the Left Thumbstick is working. I can "edit character", for example.
  11. So... May I ask you to send me your UDKInput? I did the exact same thing, and nothing happens when I press the Left Thumbstick. But, even if this works, what I requested is an easier way to remap controls. The DD Config Tool doesn't work with the controller. You can't "press any key to assign...".
  12. I would like to ask something, which (i guess), is very easy to implement. A remap controls function on controller. Please, if possible, implement it. I know some may say: "oh, you can change it on UDKInput". No, I can't. I tried for like 2 hours to make the "Left Thumbstick" activate crystal, but it just doesn't work. It even appeared at the DDConfigTool as the "Xbox_LeftThumbstick". But it just doesn't work in-game. Thank you for your attention
  13. Yeah, re-maping is the only problem for me. I would like to set the left thumbstick to "activatecrystal", instead of "pushtotalk" (Yes, I tried to edit UDKInput. Left thumbstick just doesn't work after the change, so I went back to previous config)
  14. ReaPxKinG, it's not just a swap. It's a swap so you can actually compare itens, see the "Green" itens on the map (compared to one weapon, and then compared to the other weapon) The way it is at this moment, if you cange weapons equipping them, only one hand will get upgrades. You must remove the item on the other hand so you can equip another item. This don't make any sense. Well: PLEASE, DO IT.
  15. I agree, that would be perfect. Please, trendy, add a toggle that change priority (healing or attacking).
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