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  1. I've actually suggested this in the past with no response from devs or anythin'. Definitely supporting it.
  2. That actually brings up a good question: why doesn't mana despawn by value (least valuable first)? I assume because if only the inexpensive mana disappeared first, you may find yourself in a bind when 500-mana crystals are waiting for you across the map and you need mana NOW. Imagine being near-death and watching a stream of weaker enemies' mana disappearing as soon as it comes out. Gotta make that run over to the other side and hope nothin' pops up and kills you on the way...or that the wall you need to heal will stay up while you run across the map, pick up the mana, and run back to heal i
  3. Aha! Thanks for postin' this -- I was wonderin' how those changed. I remember seeing people who had less posts and joined after me that had blank ranks and thus had no clue how to change them. Now that I know they're automated and not customizable somewhere hidden, I can stop lookin'. :p
  4. This may a specific defense's problem, but I've noticed that if you try to place the end of a Physical Beam on the end of a Buff Beam, you're prevented by the 'You cannot place that there' message. However, remove the Buff Beam, place the Physical Beam, and then try to put the Buff Beam back in the same exact spot (with the end of the buff beam on top of the end of the physical beam), and you're allowed. I do know you can build other defenses on the beam just fine (Harpoons, auras, traps). It's a minor thing, I guess, but it sucks when you want to move a wall back a bit or shorten it and are
  5. Spiders are arachnids, not bugs! XD Joking aside, this happens. It's really only a problem if you're impatient or playing on Monster Fest maps. I've had stuff stuck multiple times before, even outside of the map's bounds. In fact, I caught one just yesterday, stuck outside the northern center of the map: http://i.imgur.com/X1T5Z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Zd90A.jpg http://i.imgur.com/e5ZbH.jpg It was far outside the map, and even my pet couldn't hit it. Not sure how it got there, but it DID despawn after some time.
  6. i just hate the moving THROUGH other enemies. lost a survival because of that, 3 ogres standing at a wall, dying, then a sharken runs through them, moving the wall and letting them through This is my experience exactly. I have had Sharken move walls before, but then I adapted my build and it stopped. Same with Djinni. However, I've witnessed the Sharken-through-Ogre-pileup thing multiple times, and get a little miffed about it. I've been playing less lately mostly since my progression now has to be on Survival, but I lose on Wave 20 to such pileup shenanigans quite consistently.
  7. One of my pet peeves is that comparing item stats does not make your currently-equipped set bonus invisible. I have to unequip a piece of armor any time I want to see if a new piece is better or not. :/
  8. Case in point: http://i.imgur.com/wydfW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oPiLg.jpg
  9. I'd appreciate the Sharken being hit by gas traps during charges, but I don't know if Trendy plans on fixin' it. Beyond that, it would be very nice if we got a notification that something was moved, much like we get notifications of a crystal getting attacked. I can deal with being careful in an area that a Sharken has poked a hole into, but not if I only know about after 2 ogres swaggered in and already beat my crystal to death in 2 blows.
  10. I guess I lucked out and got a decent giraffe for my first. It's got 200+ in all hero stats, but...even then, why would you want to use it? I guess it's alright on Assault maps, but that's about it!
  11. Most laptops I or my friends have played with (3-4 different models) run the first maps easily enough. Things still get choppy, though, so you will NOT have a smooth gaming experience. Also, toss any notion of large maps out the window (including all Shards content), especially if you have an integrated graphics card. You can still play the game, yeah, but the lag will kill you so easily on harder difficulties.
  12. My only beef with ogre spawns is when like 5 come out of the same entrance. Even then, it's fine unless a Sharken/Djinnin spawns as well and the ogres block all defenses hitting those units. Even *then*, it's really only a problem when the units get so much HP that they can bypass a resetting gas trap and not take enough electric aura/inferno damage to die before reaching a wall. I think you just gotta try some other map or rethink your strategy. If your ogres are attacking your walls/defenses right away, move the attacking units back further. If you're still having problems, you ought to lo
  13. I have a squire around your stats. I've found NM HC Mistymire Survival to be fairly loot-generous and still doable, but you'll definitely need some other characters up to those stats as well. I'd suggest an aura Monk and Trapper at minimum, though a Series EV would be VERY welcome for walls and buff beams. A DPS char could be good, too, but I've honestly found that with a decent pet and weapon, an active Squire builder works fine. Just remember to blood rage to up your DPS to something decent and you should be fine. Consider farming Insane HC Survival Aquanos or Karathiki to get a good seaho
  14. Sharken are fine, especially for just the Campaign NM games. The only thing I'd personally love to see is towers prioritizing them instead of ogres. I've had some losses of towers from Sharkens, but that was before I tried new things and made better strategies. I can say the same about Djinni. The ogre thing is a problem, though, and one that I can't see resolving unless I can get better stats to take out the Ogres faster (or have more people runnin' around and targeting Djinn/Sharks).
  15. While I'm no expert on the level since I've only tried Misty Survival for the first time today, I can commiserate about the Ogres guarding the Sharken thing. What's your main character while you play the level? I have a Tower Squire I use with a decent Seahorse pet and a fully-upgraded sword. In a blood rage, he and the Seahorse can actually fell ogres fairly fast. Perhaps try that out? My Squire really isn't anything special (1k/1k/500/1k tower stats, nothing put into hero strength, but full resists), so you should have no trouble as well. Prioritize your role as Djinn/Sharken hunter, espec
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