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  1. Hey guys, wouldnt that be a good change ? i mean there are sooooo many sharken each wave... i dont need to know that.... but what i need to know is when a sharken moved stuff.... maybe even with gloving stuff on the map showing where... any opinions ? Greetz
  2. Its one of the most annying things left also will you ever support other pads than xbox ones ?? it cant be that hard.... and i hate to use several pad emulators and read guides for them only to find out they dont work properly ! just add 3 pads and lets us map all keys? please thanks in advance Greetz
  3. Hey guys, since i bought the series EV it somehow is defective... ingame i have the shortcuts for the towers working but the lower line is all upgrade...no heal or stuff...i can press all buttons but its all upgrade...i can still heal from the ring menu... can i change this somehow ? or is this a bug ? thanks for any help Greetz
  4. Hey guys, I downloaded part 2 today... but im wondering : can i get lv78 items now ? and if so .. how to get them ? and what are the prices on the two new challenges ? thanks for any help Greetz
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