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  1. - PSN bleedingsins3 - Age (don't lie, I will know) 28 - community experience I have been playing Dungeon Defenders a lot since I got it. You'll find me running glitterhelm survival on the open for whoever to join. Still holding the #1 spot - event experience I didn't even find out about events for a long time. But I have been in all of them since I started. - list your favorite event and reward and why I love my lil carnage I worked hard for it. - list the capital of Australia canberra
  2. (ps3 )My weapon which had 126 upgrades after fully upgraded went to -122
  3. psn: bleedingsins3 would like to do event on sunday
  4. psn: bleedingsins3 want to sign up for event on sunday
  5. When do we sign up for these events? And how late is too late to sign up? psn id: bleedingsins3
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