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  1. ...but everything in life is not free all the time you cant simply ask for a milliion dollars because you wont get it, if you want something done, you got to do it yourself...lifes not about getting stuff for free.
  2. Ok them blade I heard you werent getting people so y don't u just charge for free me and my friend all said yes to helping anyone that need it FOR FREE I don't care If I get a perfect one I'll give it away this game is for having fun and try to make new strategys ok do it for free that has nothing to do with me and by "people" there is no people so next time just say my name instead of "people" and yes i'm not getting anyone because i'm not putting myself out there enough for the runs..if i go around and lobby hop saying that there are misty runs and telling people to contact me..it is to m
  3. zzzzzz The one that said i was kicking him and stealing his giraffes when i wasnt?, yes, he is not ambusher, THIS is actually coolhotjosh21. i got a message from him saying that it was him.
  4. Free would be a good price! Wouldnt you say classic? i would say so. there will be no price for morraggo runs! :D
  5. Well really there is not chances of getting 30 upgrades or more u just gotta be lucky and u don't have to do anything I like how you put me out there dude, thanks and yes wolves it is true you at LEAST leave with a 30 level item, not 1 and "u just gotta be lucky and you ont have to do anything" i think wolves JUST said that.
  6. all it takes to beat "Round the world" is: Mage towers-Magic Blockades Huntress Towers-Proxminty Mines and Eternal Spike Traps.
  7. I still dont think its a fair trade though. I believe its a fair trade. :) alot of people understand what i'm doing here and it all makes perfect sense. :)
  8. This Morraggo Thread will be Updated Shortly in a couple of days.
  9. i cant believe you traded your soda for 20 lionhearts...nothing else to say really. lol
  10. i really doubt blade is taking your giraffes and kicking you. don't lie man. thank you wolves, i never have.
  11. this stuff is wack t(-.-t) it so dum how u charge people just to do Mistymire Runs i would do it for free for anyone that couldn't do it the only reason y your doin this is just to get attention by Hitmonchan and the event hosts so u can get the event weapons so u can share with your friends Btw ive been in your run . HEHEHEHEHE I AM NOT AMBUSHER21 so dont complain that he is doing this P.s ill add more to ill add more to this L8ter :p XD Maybe if youll would stop kicking me from the run and taking my good giraffes ill stop this but i guess not MAHHAHAAHAHAAHMAHHAHAHAHA Ok first
  12. i was thinking about taking the Hawx pet and Calling it "The Phoenix" heres what it would have for stats: -500 base -1000 elemental -+6 on all tower and hero stats -30 to 35 levels -1000 Projectile speed -6 shots a second -4 or 5 Projectiles -And the bird would be on fire.
  13. I dont get this post... if you want a build work off of the PC builds simple as going to the PC forum and looking up builds I've never seen the PC layout, so i do not know what to expect myself.
  14. and another thing, these Runs have nothing to do with how i would host events, it does not matter how much time i take out of my day to help people earn items that are rare, being a event host has its privliages and if you push them to far, you will lose them which is why if i do become a host (and i'm not saying i am) i would invite the people on list, explain to them the rules and requirements, begin the event then after give the items to those that have won them..events do not matter to me when it comes to my time..if i'm helping people for a cause which is to obtain rare items? i couldnt
  15. I do not see these up and running until at least a week after it comes out. Only due to how hard they will be. You are going to have to farm the better loot just to beat this. Yes i know capt.
  16. I still don't see why you are charging people for helping. Seems the opposite of helping the community :/ Because the fact that i'm taking my time out to do everything for anyone and because i have the time to do it i need something from somebody if i'm going to do EVERYTHING for that person, i do not need the items so therefore the person will get 2 things instead of 1...it makes sense to me.
  17. :ogre::demon::mecha::goblin:BladeHappy911:ogre::demon::mecha::goblin: Morraggo Desert Town is Here DUE TO SPIDER ERROR I AM HAVING A HARD TIME DOING MY RUNS, PLEASE BE PATIENT AND ONCE THIS IS FIXED? I WILL HELP THOSE THAT I HAVE NOT HELPED YET WITH MORRAGGO DESERT TOWN. THANKS. :) If you somehow get the Spider Error, Message the person again so they can get you in the second try. :) Alright you guys so i understand that some people who cannot play Morraggo (Desert Town) have a difficult time beating it as there other characters on insane difficulty, and yes some people who do pl
  18. nice job it was fun i got his weapon and my own , he wont cheat you or anything hes awesome Thanks bro, even though i STRAIGHT STRUGGLED AT THE END FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! UGH. lol
  19. Really? I thought that the Ps3 version was region locked? I know for sure xbox is not limited by regions. Whenever I search for custom games, I cannot join certain people even if they are not PS plus users that have the DLC. So I am assuming that by personally adding that person, someone from EU is able to join someone in NA? i believe so but i have to do runs today so theres only one way to find out.
  20. i will be more than welcome to help you, look up mistymire forest runs on the 2nd page of the forums, it will give you all the info you need to know about the runs, if your interested contact me on PSN. Thank you.
  21. i'm sorry bro, but this weapon cannot mess with the elf of the wand.
  22. I would like some help. But i'm on EU psn. Does that matter? If not sign me up No it does not, just add me on PSN and i will try to get to you monday. just friend request me, my name on the forums is the same as my PSN.
  23. Looks like you got a lot of helpers already. If by any chance you need a hand, just let me know Blade. will do Tito. just message me on PSN so that i can add you as a friend an we can talk things out :)
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