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  1. Wow Blade.. This is awesome bro. You're a solid bro, keep this up. You're helping lots of people :D Thanks man.
  2. Dude, the patch has been out for less than 24 hrs. Like I said originally, I will wait until I get full numbers from the patch and organize accordingly. he's right.
  3. Please read my hole post before you vote.. I know some of you are going to say "OHHH new loot!! yeppyy" Am i missing something?!?! Okay so now we are going to get another patch with better loot and higher levels?!?! This is out of hand TE. The game is already easy. Can you please just give us a Difficulty increase by 50% or 60%.. So we would be playing hard again?? What would you rather have community.. A game that is very easy.. Or some what challenging. I feel that we are all so excited about all this new loot but in a week we are going to be all maxed out and the game is going t
  4. well i was dissapointed i couldnt participate in your other runs because you were asking for a giraffe in return, but now that this is free... hell why not? Im getting the dlc the day it comes out and if you will be running the runs for this that day i will be happy to participate in this. I just have one question... will this be ran on a certain difficulty and if we do say fail do we get another run or is that it? Oh and for the 3rd time grats on being able to host the next events :P lol lets do the run man!, just message me though! and these runs will be ran on insane difficulty and yes w
  5. Is mic really require? yes because i do have to explain the run to you an if you have any questions about it? you could ask them here an there to me. :)
  6. It's for me to know, and you all to find out. I can tell you though, no one on my team are making weapons without my knowledge. It won't be as strong as what you want though, but I'm sure you'll deal with it. if it were to become a Novelty Item, which again isnt a bad idea, i couldnt ask for nothing more than that at least. :) i just wouldnt make it overpowered like you said and just make it do the regular amount of damage like a normal high five would, i would LOVE to see this happen! :D
  7. Need some help? I just beat it on Hard. Here is my set up :) http://ddplanner.com/?l=1683 it was so easy! i'm ready to start the runs man. :P)
  8. This weapon is not going to happen. It is too strong. The solution to all other classes having OP weapons is not making one for the squire. Period. *based on current farmable equipment. This may change with the patch. then whats the new knight weapon then? because i have one person saying they are making one? it wouldnt beat mine because mine makes perfect sense to have. :)
  9. With negative knockback, we hope to when we hit a simple monster we will push it into our character ultimately making a black hole and crashing the game. were not saying literally negetive number knockbacks were saying just simply 0 knockback.
  10. I might not have ever scheduled it but he shouldnt have even started the match without kicking me then if he never intended for me to stay. Its just theres already a huge problem with people kicking so I hate it when people kick after multiple rounds of playing. edit: not to mention if you do do it with schedules then why not do it in a private match where randoms cant join?? it says clearly there are private matchs, and i was playing with friends and i was on a break and they wanted me to invite them. next time just message me saying you would like to do a run and i would try to get to yo
  11. and yet its over limitations to have other characters have overpowered base weapons, expect for the squire???
  12. I am PSN and we will have a squire weapon just not as powerful as you like. Classic told us how powerful we are allowed to make them and that is definitely over our limitations. how long have you hosted with capt.?
  13. They are not gonna be called spring Olympics and we already have the first weapon decided. Not trying to be a downer but I can't see this weapon happening. arent you a 360 host? i play on PSN, and if not? what are we going to do with the knight then? i cant see the knight without a overpowered base weapon...and there are people who would like to play as their knights.
  14. Decepticons Rise! *Beat box Skrillex* HAHA megatron will be back sooner than you think!!! lol
  15. High five also has a slightly faster attack rate than a rapier also, I would keep that in mind. which is why we would keep it at the attack rate it is at.
  16. Blade has a point that no one over looks. This weapon is a high five, therefore it has a limited amount of range unlike the Rapier and other big weapons. There is a reason why this is overpowered. Now if it was a rapier, then we would have to jumble the stats a little bit. exactly taco, this weapon derserves a chance and i have the right approach when it comes to items like these, and why not start off the spring olympics with a bang?
  17. You have a point. I guess the squire could have at least one overpowered weapon. I'd go with megatron though. Only because the colors of the optimus prime glove would be the same as captain america's shield. you are right about that.
  18. Thanks bro, if you were gonna kick me I really would have preferred it if you did so before I wasted a half hour. **** you you did not message me on PSN to do a run, you cannot simply join when i'm with 3 other people because that is not how i do my runs, a simple 1on1 with me and i would of helped you. but i'm sorry that i did that.
  19. Oh my. could you imagine what the Base or Elemental damage would be when you fully upgrade it with 34 upgrades? Talk about overpowered. but yet all the other characters can have overpowered weapons, expect the Knight? if your going to make base damage weapons for all the other characters? why leave the knight out then?
  20. Optimus Primes Glove or Megatrons Glove -Lets take a High Five, make it big so it covers the Squires arm. -Make it either Red, White, and Blue (Optimus Prime) or Black, Grey, and White. (Megatron) -Swing normally like a High Five would. Stats: *300 base *300 elemental *Negetive Knockback *90 to 100% Blocking Resistance *+4 all stats, expect Hero Attack (+20 or +25) *30 to 35 Levels We would want this weapon to do the same amount of DPS as the Junior Judge, but just a little more power to it and its base DPS. My reason for this weapon?: I Believe that when it com
  21. If your going to flame,stick to PM's keep this a happy thread! I can understand your frustration but keep private matters private. Ok guys? gotcha! :D i'm done death! lol
  22. Blade i am NOT your bro or dude so stop calling me . The only reason u r giving the stuff bak is because of me Definitly not but if thats what you think then thats what you think.
  23. He is charging a giraffe or fairy just to get throw mistymire i can do any map for free i wish you would say the rest of why i do it..not a little of what i do...your making me look bad dude, thanks alot bro.
  24. i like how everyone makes me look like the bad guy here because of what i do...nothing else really to say.. :/ i am giving all the giraffes and kairis back, i dont need them from the runs an you can keep the item you got from me from misty i dont mind, it was just to show that i was honest and that when i said i was going to do something i did it and that people could trust me, anyone that did a run with me will get there stuff back and starting up the morraggo runs soon so if anyone is interested please take a look at the thread.
  25. I can help you. Send me an invite TM_TheAssasin good job TM.
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