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  1. Yeah... But invite me to do it because you made me leave last time. i'm on it.
  2. Agreed, he just helped me beat it on insane. Loaned me a better gossamer and gave me his reward (which was better than mine). Thanks alot for the help. :) its good knowing i have someone like him, i have to take a break here and there but either way? we still pull through of what we say and do, i will be doing 8 runs today, i hope to see you guys soon. :)
  3. The Rules are: (Difficulty-Hard and Insane-Sometimes) (Any Level character) (No Fee - This Service is Strictly for free.) (You must have a microphone)-So that i can discuss the run with you and how it works. In Advantage to this, you will also receive my item personally as the character that i play as so that you leave with not only your weapon for the character you play as but also my item as well. ALSO, IF ANYONE RECIEVES A INVITE FROM ME, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO NOTHING THE ENTIRE MORRAGGO (DESERT TOWN) I WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP A CHARACTER T
  4. id like to get in on this, just started playin the game on psn again since i can't play on pc atm :) psn: zaibas will do.
  5. could i please get an invite fro one of the people i really want to complete with my huntress :( join me.
  6. thanks blade for the flawless victory :) oh yeah that was fun bro! LOL
  7. very fun thank you guys so much and thank you tm_theassisan very professional :) i look for the best bro. :) these helpers are so awesome! :D and were always willing to give a hand for anyone!
  8. Blade how many people do u run 2 or 3 because I heard if u do it with a full lobby the game will freeze just 1 person. and yes it will freeze with a full lobby
  9. You don it with 3 afk players yet? haha no i have not yet, i'm not THAT ready. lol
  10. Add me man: KingOfTheCross I'll even run it with you. what??? king your helping people now?! :O just thank blade for showing you the setup man. :P lol
  11. Hey Bladehappy, I rememebr playing with you before. wondering if you could give me a hand with this on insane as well? add me on PSN and i will. :)
  12. could you help me beat it on insane? i can get to the boss but i suck at the boss:( yes i will. add me on PSN.
  13. you need to push back your towers to the crystals, thats how my insane layout is for 2 people. other than that? its good. :P
  14. Blade, why keep your game open to randoms when you instantly kick? twice over the last few days you've done that to me... The so called "new community leaders" are no where near what we use to be. If any of you need any help with the Desert on insane or Misty on insane, message me, we can try to work around the error, Im just getting back to playing DD so I'm still getting my toons to 74^ and on, but I had the best pre patch gear around and can still easily do the Desert and was the first to ever beat Mistymire and perfect the 1 toon/3 player AFK mistymire. the fact that you get mad over li
  15. Lol. BladeHappy, I bet you never expected this thread to go into the direction it did. I've never played with you, but you deff seem like a pretty cool dude. Anyone offering help has my respect. I personally would like to get into a Moraggo run with you. If you are able to do it on insane that is. I would be able to help in the run if you needed me to. Just tell me what to do. :] I'm pretty good at watching the map for genies and orges as well as callouts. I'd be using my dps huntress. Shes not too bad. Would you mind if I added you on PSN? I'll be sending you a message on Monday. I am in east
  16. Count me in :) Sent from my M865 using Tapatalk 2 kk :) i'll try to get you in as soon as i can.
  17. hey blade when do you think i can get that insane run? as soon as spider error is fixed, if not sooner.
  18. just have whoever is trying to join you restart their ps3, it usually fixes it temporarily. yeah its just that i dont want to go through all that hassle just to help someone and neither should the other person.
  19. when can you get me in dude? i'm trying to get people in, but this dang spider error is ruining things for me, :/
  20. Awesome stuff Blade. I believe you allowed me to tag along on a Insane Misty a few nights ago. That was the first time I finished it completely I might add. I never got the chance to say thanks on there, so thanks! Look forward to running one of these Morraggo Runs sometime! Yes, indeed :D
  21. hey Blade I'm out of town til Sunday is it okay if you reserve me I will throw in a tip for you btw ;) and i read all the forums and I'd like to add the Blade would be an excellent event host! I've played a few games with him and I don't recall him taking weapons mr.coolhotjosh lol yea btw coolhotjosh I'll give you something too for what I did to you a long time ago i was a noob then but just P.M me coolhotjosh and we can work something out trust me this will be better then 8 stupid giraffes... But Blade I need you to show me a strategy lol but is it okay if I can like P.M you when I get back
  22. blade or helper please do me a favor and get me in an insane run when you can guys, i no there is no fee but ill make a nice donation... since there is no fee lol will do.
  23. can you give a guide for the setup? or put a setup online? i dont have internet at home for awhile. and the recommended stats. thanks. Tower Knight: Health-234 Damage-341 Radius-74 Attack Rate-101 Trap Huntress: 201 340 64 67 Tower Monk: 218 330 63 66 I cant give you a video on how its setup but i can give you the stats, these are the only characters you need to beat Morraggo. :P
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