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  1. You were an honorable friend,you will make a great pilot. I wish you the best blade,come home fast and safe! And remember-Shoot first,ask questions later. death you have been a good brother to me and I can say in the long run you will make this community as good as when I was playing live long my name bro see ya death. ;-)
  2. I will carry on your Morrago Build with TM! make me look good bro and carry on my name with tm.
  3. hey you guys long time no talk. I will not be on dungeon defenders anymore. I am focusing on getting ready for the air force and I do not have time for games anymore I'm sorry you guys but I have to continue with my careers and goals in life. It was fun playing but as for now I am done with dungeon defenders. I will not be doing my runs anymore as these are officially over. Take care everybody and I'll see you guys soon. Take care, BladeHappy911
  4. dude! we have not yet started yet...may 1 is when it starts.
  5. i lost all my items including all my good armor my elf of the wand my gunslinger my good giraffe i mean everything i had is all gone out of my tavern i had amazing stuff... this is making me quite angry and i cannot take it i would appreciate it if someone out there on a ps3 could help me out I'm very sorry to hear that about your files, but i'm willing to give you back a 64DPS giraffe at my tavern. But as for the Gunslingers Gattling Gun and the Elf Of The Wand? i cant give that stuff to you. :(
  6. i got you guys :) but just a heads up, i will not be doing no more morrago runs anymore so post here everyone while you have the chance to. after the runs are completed? i will be taking a break for a while just until Dungeon Defenders DLC Part. 3 Aquaisis and once that is out? i will start doing Aquaisis DLC Part.3 Runs. :) stay in tune.
  7. and the list is HUGE after one hour, theres also some more good news as well. but i wont give out that information just yet.
  8. :ogre::demon::mecha::goblin:BladeHappy911:ogre::demon::mecha::goblin: Morrago Desert Town Runs have been a huge success, so, now that we have helped out over 200+ people? we will soon be running Second Morrago Desert Towns Runs. if you wish to get invited to these post your name here on the thread and the Second Morrago Desert Town Runs will Begin Starting May 1. The Hosts Will be: -BladeHappy911 -TM_TheAssasin The times and the days are EXACTLY the same a the first thread about the Morrago runs, if you dont know the times and days? please click here If you recieve a invite f
  9. when it came up to the "My Content" screen when your game froze, did you hit yes instead of no? thats a way you will lose all of your data.
  10. hey if you could help me out with an insanne run that would be great but if your not doing anymore runs today thats fine ill try again next week. PSN - filledcake Monday, we will get to you.
  11. I still can't pass this level. Not even on medium. It's so hard. Seems nearly impossible solo Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD I'll help you, look for my thread on the forums, if your interested? contact me on PSN. ") :ogre::demon::mecha::goblin:BladeHappy911:ogre::demon::mecha::goblin: :wyvern:Founder and Helper of the MistyMire Runs:wyvern: :wyvern:Founder and Helper of the Morraggo (Desert Town) Runs:wyvern:
  12. So on my setup I do on each entrance -1 Slice N Dice -1 ensnare aura 1 electric aura 1 strength drain aura -1 inferno trap 1 gaz trap for wyvern -1 harpoon turret -1 ensnare aura After I build all this thing I get around 10pts left Idk the exact number What I do for the :djinn: is to put a magic blockade on each entrance and 1 behind each :wyvern: harpoon and uppgrade it to Level 2. What it will do? The :djinn: will be attracted by everything who is lvl up so the first thing it will go for are mostly the blockade I found this while playing I hope it help people I'm pro
  13. Did you already get a run done? There are currently no second runs being done as there is a lot of people who still need their first done. there are no second runs yet, anyone who asks for another run and they have already done a run?, will NOT get a second morrago run and i will move on to those that do deserve it because they do not keep asking. please be patient there are others that were just like you guys that have not done it yet, so please be patient, thanks. :archer::warrior::kobold::ogre:BladeHappy911:archer::warrior::kobold::ogre: :goblin:Founder and Helper of the MistyMire
  14. Or anyone help would be great I Got Ya. :)
  15. I'll join I made a thread like this for Friday after I finish mine morrago thing to help ppl I'll try out ur's because it looks like u get more ppl who really wants to do this. IM IN Psn: bugs-son-dj add me on PSN.
  16. Can I do a run. Tomorrow, Runs are done for the night. :P
  17. :huntress::apprentice::squire::monk:BladeHappy911:huntress::apprentice::squire::monk: I am looking for additional helpers for my Morrago Desert Town Runs, if you are Interested? Contact me on PSN or Post here on the thread. How this will work: -if your interested i will call you in my tavern look at your setup for Morrago Desert Town -if its good enough for at least "Hard" Difficulty, i will post your name here as well as others names. -your names will be posted here on the thread as a list. -by next Friday, April 27th i will make a decision by looking at the list and whoever ha
  18. Mind if I get in on an insane run? hawk_eye99 yes, sometime tonight if you get a invite? just show up as soon as possible. :)
  19. yet i like how theres supposeably not suppose to be any more OP weapons for events and i see that? -.-
  20. Thank you blade, run was quick and fun and easy. I didnt think it was going to be that quick =D for those that want another run? you will have to wait until we help those that have not done morraggo yet, once were clear on the list we will start running Second Runs for people. THank you.
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