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  1. Yeah, its not worth it, if my towers are good enough for sky city on insane and crystal on hard? Im fine with that, its not worth going to 90, even if you play solo. But my point...going to that level for insane plus is not worth it. Stick with 78.
  2. Yes because the game qas actually qorth playing. Im not going to 90 just for some pet. The sodas, t26, and gattling gun...were the most amazing weapons. Its just getting rediculous.
  3. Im sorry but no event otems could beat the very first evwnt items that were released when the game first came out.
  4. Nothing is impossible for me, you know that waters :P
  5. It was a Very Hard Road on Beating Mistymire on Isane+ But we did it. It was Me Coolwaters2003,Chittywoman,Cheymz and Purple_Dragon75. We Went in and Concord Mistymire on Insane+. If u go in there to try and concord it make sure u have ur A game. Because if u dont u will Fail real Badly. We were the First To Beat MistyMire On Insane+. I would like To Thank All of My Team Mates For The Awsome Job We Did. Sincerly Coolwaters2003:squire: Question? What about by yourself? has anyone beaten It solo? I DOOO play by myself. :/
  6. But, it wont do as much as you think if tgats done like I can do 30000 dps withfire and like 2000 for electric,just enough to kill some that are resiatant to it. Point is have enough electric to kill a vig monster, not a orge. Good piece of advice. :)
  7. I also realized that the depth charge, when you shoot it at monsters wgo are resistant to either of the resistances it will sebd them flying off the map. Lolol
  8. How many of those weapons have you gotten since the patch? Ive gotten them all the huntress weapon on riddle of the deep insane is extremely good to. :) Lop
  9. Im really im not irragonant, I do have a build but I cant post it because I have a phone bro, but it really is possible to beat if I was on a computer I would post the build, :)
  10. Dudw I can sole with one othet controller its really not that difficult
  11. This level us extremely easy, I solo it with another controller all the time, this level you have to be very active if you slip one time its ove tr.
  12. Everyone talks about playing with groups but no one stops to talk about stratagy guides for tjose who play solo. Just noticed.that.
  13. Well we only lost because we got pushed off the cliff and everyone else kept dying since they didn't have a resistance set like we did. Imo you should have at least general and fire resistance maxed if you fight this guy on insane/insane+ or hard. Additionally, try to play with four players in which everyone knows each other and is at least lv78. The boss fight is pretty cool tho but I won't say anything about it because of spoilers lol. I dont play online, not yet at least, does anyone have tips JUST for playing solo?
  14. I have been playing DD for a while now and I can only make it on hard to the end of the legendary monk section? Does anyone have a layout for this level on hard with solo players only am I The only one who has made it this far or are others having a hard Time as well? I need some feedback please. :) thanks alot, blade.
  15. is it really that much harder? hmm interesting I know you miss me to heer right? Lol and insane plus is nuts I can't even make 3 seconds without losing on any of the dlc,s
  16. Hey Defenders. My console experience is officially over for Dungeon Defenders. Going to test out a couple things for SUPER EVENTs then the game will get the boot from my hard drive (need the space) All my event stuff and all my stuff in general. I will pick somebody here on the forums to give it all to and that person can distribute it throughout the community how he/she wishes to. It will be somebody i trust. If you would like to do that post in this thread. But yeah, i guess this is Good Bye for me. You know you could trust me bro. :)
  17. WOOOOO! Welcome back man! Blade you missed too much. But I think everyone else covered the main attractions. Im not officially back yet, but I will be soon
  18. If I can gey myself situated? I might try to get my DLC runs back up witin z couple of weeks. Im going to need helpers? :)
  19. Thanks guys, im glad you still havent forgotten about me. :)
  20. Can someone tell me what DLC,s are out for the ps3? P.S: whats up defenders? I miss you guys!
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