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  1. I would love to play console, but i dont have the time any longer, i dont have time to get players to max level, I loved the game back when max upgrade was 20, i had so many perfect stats, i was so tank :) Oh im sure you can squeeze in a few minutes boxers, no excuses...lol get back on. ")
  2. I just came on here today because I was wondering if Dupes were still being spread like wildfires. But yeah Blade, I miss you. ME, you, shadow, and anybody else were the best with each other. You should add me back on psn. now if only you got back on Taco!!! "/ lol
  3. well Im back now ") Who wants to try to beat the game now? AKA "Crystalline Demension"?
  4. The chances of getting a 100^ for me has been cut in half. How am I supposed to find a 200^ or anything to trade anymore? Bring in two low level character from a different account. The lower the levels the higher of a chance for 90 gear.
  5. I say you all start to play again, get this community going! Wont be long...
  6. I have the sharpshooter, the suspended essence, the forests sorrow (old squire sword) and the fang of the queen (old monk weapon)
  7. i'm wondering what "blades blasticus" is. Its a blasticus trendy gave me for helping the community before I left. that has 12 reload speed, 3800 base damage, 120 ammo clip, 1500 projectile speed and the 5 and 7 on all the stats, nothing that good but iits the thought that counts. IM NOT GIVING IT AWAY...
  8. I miss the old Dungeon Defenders also. I miss it when the Blasticus was overrated, when the High Five was the best Squire weapon, and when Mistymire was the hardest map. Now Dungeon Defenders on console is a mere broken game. Filled with hackers and duppers (Not trying to discuss that). Now it takes forever to level up, I'm seriously scared to trade, mana isn't worth dirt, and balancing is horrible. When I finally got it for PC that only lasted for a few good 5 months before it dried up. Now all I do is visit these forums every now and then. Waiting for TE to announce a new DLC for PC, or some
  9. What do you mean by like founder of all that stuff? exactly what it means..i'd help the community with the levels they found difficult...something i use to to. :)
  10. its just came accross my mind that DD is not the same without its old players, people left from lots of reasons and all i ask for is for the to come back. :/ what could we do to bring everyone back? and IT IS ME blade. alot of people say that someone hacked my account. its the one and only. :) Blade,
  11. You don't get anything for sky city. A q u a n o s You get a k a I r i,
  12. I would go for the sun kissed saber the monk weapon for morrago just for the fact that I don't want my monk towers to attack as fast.
  13. You guys heard if blades blasticus? Specially made from trendy stating thanks for the help for the community before I left. :)
  14. I'm not mad dude lol. I don't care anymore but at least I tried to explain myself.
  15. I mean am u the only one who understands this? It honestly makes sense to me.
  16. Classic, the game has to be fair for everyone, its not that difficult man. This is a game were talking, a car cannot be changed be changed once its been manufaxtueed, but a game can, you just need to step your foot down and aay something because all it takes is one persons opinion to change the world forever. Its ok, you keep it man, like I said, I do not need special items to beat a game. But the way I see things, the game will get another patch, and hopefully trendy becomes a little smarter and makes gameplay fair for everybody, because its really not that difficult to fix a game, If they ca
  17. The point isn't legitimate at all. These are community based events for the online community. You can't complain about an online feature if you can't play online, that makes no sense. It makes perfect sense, the game has to be fair for everybody, online or local, if trendy can sit down and make all these items for the online community? Then it really shouldnt be that difficult to make a game fair for everyone who plays it.
  18. I am so confused on what you are trying to say in this whole thread. How can someone who has no internet access get a patch to a game that requires internet access to obtain in which in your case you have no internet except for your phone? How about lets stop all DLC and Patch's from ever coming out since you need to be online for it because there are some people in the world who do not have internet. Think about what you are saying here because if you are complaining about event items in a game which is not a need, it's a want, then you might as well complain about DLC and Patch's since t
  19. Dude, its me. but my point is there needs to be a patch to where if those who get these types of items, qe sgould be able to as well just not as good as event items, the patch needa to make the game completely fair online or on local play. :)
  20. I speak on behave of everyone else who doesnt play online, not just me, an if the idea of online gamers is considered a "community"? It really isnt. A community is where everyone plays it, not just online gamers. Think, just about it for a minute. And yes I did have them all b tu t when I would sit down and play dd I would mention those who never had access to events, and yet nobody seemed to care..but its a big deal now, nit just for me but for everyone else. Honestly, im nit sweatimg it, im just thinking about the missing pieces this game had. :)
  21. I dont have access to patches but the only reason qhy I do have the dlcs was because I had a opportunity to have internet access...the last time I was actully playing onlinw was 8 months ago...i havent been on dd ever since a month ago since the patcges came out. And in my opinion, evwnts need to stop because there ruining games like these. They have been fun, no lie, but its getting old and people only bought dd to play alone, thats hg or any game, so why should this game be any different? and dreed your right about the world, but it takes money to have anytging now and days and I dont h a e
  22. Phone... I dont have a computer. But dont you think trendy sgould have a patch to where we could play like thosw wgo do havw these items? It when seem fair for everybody, online or not online. The game has to be equal for others as well. Wgen you do have the opportunity to get on, and you do see that, it wouldnt be fair for others to get the items. If this is a community game, it needs to be like one. The game needs to be both fair and equal for everyone, not just for people who play online.
  23. I literally hust said I dont play online, I dont have the money for it...so how am I suppose to get the items?
  24. Its not fair foe those who play thos solo if they cant get these weapons. Nobody should, a patch needs to realeased or something... :/
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