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  1. so if you get a level 32 gossamer your going to give that to me? Yes sir i will. :) i approve of it.
  2. Sign me up. Ill contact you on Psn. No mic tho. I already know how the map works. I just want you to farm for me:-) I'm NOT FARMING for anyone, i am willing to help people out who need help and actually do need the help, if you want to farm for items you will have to do that yourself these runs are ONLY for people who ACTUALLY need help. if you want to do a run and actually need a item message me. :)
  3. These runs were very helpful to me. I greatly appreciate the time and effort he put forth in these runs. They were a bunch of help! Thanks Blade!!! I love you to taco if thats the way you want to put it. lol
  4. Good job Blade. I just sat there and leveled up one of my characters lol. Went really quick. Thanks Anytime Ranger! :)
  5. Misty run went really well. You don't have do nothing but stand there ! Worth the time for sure and level just for a little cost. Great work blade hey man i'm glad i could help you out bro. anytime :)
  6. i dont get it, you want to help the people and you ask a giraf or a kairi as payment? But people who need help on MM insane dont have kairirs or girafs, no? T some people have the kiaris or giraffes but if the word is spread on how to recieve them to the new people who are new to it? they will know how to get one. so yes it is one of those not leveled up, NOT both of them
  7. actually i posted the blog under trading and i didnt mean to that i ment to put it under console discussion andits cool bro you can vote for whatever you want. :) and what do you mean tony???
  8. :squire::monk::huntress::apprentice:BladeHappy911:squire::monk::huntress::apprentice: Im looking for helpers for the Mistymire Runs. I will call people in, take a look at their tower chracters and take you to mistymire to look at your Layout, if its good enough for at least 2 people? i will put your name down as a reference for a co helper and decide who will help me with the Mistymire Runs. If you are interested? Please contact me on PSN. :squire::monk::huntress::apprentice:BladeHappy911:squire::monk::huntress::apprentice:
  9. :squire::monk::huntress::apprentice:BladeHappy911:squire::monk::huntress::apprentice: I understand that people who play Mistymire have a difficult time beating it as there other character on insane difficulty, and yes some people who do play as there other characters do have a hard time and need help if they are new to it. So i thought maybe i could help those people! :) But, In order for this to work, there are certain rules and conditions you must have before i help you: BladeHappy911 - Helper americantacolord - Co Helper coolwaters2003 - Co Helper TM_TheAssasin - Co Helper Messa
  10. when you use a soda its elmental an to kill a enemy thats poison resistance you would use the piercing shot, but with the slinger you dont even have to use the piercing shot you can kill everything with 350 bullets an not use a piercing shot whether its elemental or not.
  11. ok Tavira ill get to you right now.
  12. Im going to, and no one is fighting here capt. i just think that you know with what classic said "event weapons are a privilage" and if you take advantage of the privilage? yours is gone dude. which is why we need people who can handle this kind of stuff and know what there doing. for someone to take advantage of event weapons dude its not fair to those who make the weapons but also the ones who did nothing wrong, that were doing there job the right way and for one person who should ruin it all he should go and nobody else that is of course doing there job. :)
  13. honestly, we need to get rid of some hosts, i mean some host just dont have what it takes to be one, you have host that are disrespectful, im not saying you during events, but outside the events, some are just so rude...i believe some people should step down and let people like me who HAVE hosted events and HAVE respect for people either way host events. :)
  14. well actually if were not talking before the patch comes out? the soda, but after the patch comes out, it will be the gunslinger by a long shot just because the slinger is mostly base and the soda is poison base so with the gunslinger you wouldnt have to worry about that you could just shoot an kill without a piercing shot. so overally? the gunslingers gattling gun bro.
  15. I would like to participate in the event: PSN:BladeHappy911
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