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  1. The reason why your crystal is taking damage the way it is is because even though character may not attack the wyverns directly you may have an attacking pet on that is luring them to spots of the map that you dont want them to go, never happens to me on insane+.
    How do you afk morrago with 3 afks on insane+? I can barely do it with one! Lol
  2. just saying, there needs to be more creativity as well. there are items that have already been made by other creators from tv shows, games, etc.
    create items that are ideas of trendy, not someone elses ideas. items that are based off of strictly Dungeon Defenders. taking ideas from other sources are just plain signs of laziness.
    get creative, make Defenders Defender Event weapons. ")
  3. i'm not a fan of the items. disapointed with them. i like the idea and concepts behind the staffs, but if the event team knew how "broken" they were...why did they continue with the ideas?
    i for one think about how the game runs, such as armor, pets, etc. before i would create the weapons.
    just saying.
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