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  1. They are definitely an adversery when you play on insane or insane plus!
  2. The old one...if he counts as an enemy. I like how he summons the group of 4 or 5 of the different enemy types while your fighting him.
  3. The reason why your crystal is taking damage the way it is is because even though character may not attack the wyverns directly you may have an attacking pet on that is luring them to spots of the map that you dont want them to go, never happens to me on insane+. How do you afk morrago with 3 afks on insane+? I can barely do it with one! Lol
  4. thanks classic. its just a opinion, not a theory. lol
  5. to a certain degree...its cool to have events from different games and genres...but to have a weapon strictly made for DD by trendy themselves would not be a bad idea at all.
  6. Friends, events, hop on to talk to old friends but I dont teally play the game that much. If it wasnt for these 2 I would not be here now.
  7. just saying, there needs to be more creativity as well. there are items that have already been made by other creators from tv shows, games, etc. create items that are ideas of trendy, not someone elses ideas. items that are based off of strictly Dungeon Defenders. taking ideas from other sources are just plain signs of laziness. get creative, make Defenders Defender Event weapons. ")
  8. i'm not a fan of the items. disapointed with them. i like the idea and concepts behind the staffs, but if the event team knew how "broken" they were...why did they continue with the ideas? i for one think about how the game runs, such as armor, pets, etc. before i would create the weapons. just saying.
  9. stats for moonlight staff are what? is there a picture for the stats for that?
  10. now how are people going to use the coins if items are purchased through a thread on the forums. is there a system that will be made thats connected through PSN/XBLA?
  11. Very Nice. look forward to it. when is the actual euporium going to be open?
  12. i had pulled 2 morrago weapons today and dissappear right after i received them too...
  13. To bad that many towers cannot be built. Lol otherwise I would say your beast, but in your tavern? You are. Lol
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