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  1. I guess I'm one of the oldies that have been in nm for awhile, but I recently did a test to try to find the bridge myself. my conclusion: city in the cliffs. with ****ty gear (100-200) I was able to beat hard hc repeatedly. getting lots of xp and mythical gear from the rewards. As soon as you hit 74, all those pieces you accumulated let you go into lower level NM. which you can gear up and push further, allowing insane rewards to bolster you further. and then nm rewards. not sure if you found that. I am super tired and only glazed your post :P my bad.
  2. Yeah I am going to spend all the rest of my time playing a game staring a wall!!! Sorry but what kind of solution is that LOL? It's a solution given when we don't wanna be a **** by saying you should get a better computer ;) I also like to stare at walls when everything is upgraded in survival. (jungle maps seem to give me grief even without towers / mobs) If your computer lags, and you don't want a new one, people do interesting things to speed it up. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FPS BABY! (music)*
  3. I am in that middle ground of branching into Nightmare from Insane, and I would have to agree with XrosstheUniverse for the most part. I think it's map-dependent more than anything. Harpoons are significantly stronger against air, as long as you place them properly. But in reality, the tower stats of each character are significantly more important than the actual tower. The App towers are fine if you're overkill in the stats required for the map, and don't feel like swapping back and forth quite as much when building. The aoe seems to be stronger than the pierce on certain maps (Such as MistyM
  4. You also forgot a major con for Fireball towers.... LAG. LAG EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol? I don't seem to be having any lag when I get lots of fireballs. maybe there is an option to turn your graphics usage down? old school method : stare at wall. :)
  5. I may not be the best player, nor the most advanced, but I'd like to share what I have found after all this back and forth nonsense. app MM - low dps for cost. not very good. FB - Great dps + splash for cost. very good LT - fun... but elec aura much better. MW- replaced by EV then by minions. then by drains + wall. ST - lol? Count Barricade - doesn't attack, just looks pretty ;) bouncer - fun, but takes too much dmg for it's own. Harp - excellent dmg for DU cost. very good. BB - good... if you don't ever expect to go up hill. >.< slicer - like bouncer but more c
  6. Bear. I will re-iterate. I am willing to help you with your build for Aquanos. I have currently modified the build I was using to work in MM. and have since done a couple solo runs and a dual run on aqua nmhcmm. If it's your placement of stuff, WE CAN HELP YOU. (pending I cant help you on KG :) ) PS: I have been finding better gear on MM.... or I've just been slightly luckier on MM. You mentioned having not tried Aqua on NM. if you haven't beat the boss, and want to do it solo, I suggest gettinga good dps set with a good sword for blocking, and letting a seahorse wreck the bos
  7. I've tried that guide and as a few people on that thread have stated, ogres just walk around the minion walls and start swinging away at the harps which is when they eventually go down (despite constant Flash Healing) and so does everything else afterwards. Or they swing at the minions after waking around the wall and their splash hits the crystal which is behind them - absolutely nothing I can do about that. It seems I can't consistently get past wave 20 on KG, there's a substantial boost in mob HP from wave 19 to 20 and most of the time I'll fail. I cant help you with KG, but I can he
  8. wow lots of good information was posted here while I was stuck in an internetless house over the weekend! Before I went 'home' for the weekend, I ran an Aquanos NMHC 4 player game to wave 30. I found 1 thing that was ok, but too poor for my top 3-5 builders >.< kinda felt like a waste of time. I have been contemplating trying out NMHCMM Aquanos to see if I can get luckier. Thoughts? I also completed TD several times and have acquired 2-3 pkobolds, and akatiti several times for crappy obs weapons. And Much to my surprise, leveling up also gave some nice stat points, making m
  9. with good enough of myths and a decent tower weapon, and a decent but not perfect (jus do TD NM PS for kobolds), you can easily break 3k stats... myths cap at 380 and 468 w/ set bonus, you can find a lot of capped myths in afk shops TD nightmare pure strategy to start off with some decent kobolds (jus put lightning & ensnare auras + inferno & gas traps + 4 DU buff at each spawn point + 1 minion at the middle) would require a lot of repairing if aura health isnt high enough but you need to work if you want some results right? can do kings game on campaign once you reach 1
  10. I am in a similar spot as xross, with the exception that I have kobolds with 600 on the stats that matter and could even farm better ones. I really thought aquanos was going to save me, but it seems RNG loves f'ing me up the a. All the armor drops I get are great except for that one stat.....anyway, let me get this straight: Armor drops have a cap on stats of 300 regardless of quality. (which means upgrades and higher set bonus are the key for better stats) Higher mob count means more drops. (Also means better chance at good loot. Which also ties back to adding afk players in order to in
  11. My builders stats are: trapper : 650/1450/1700/900 Mage : 700 /2000/850 /1350 Aura : 1400/2500/2250/1100 knight : 700 /2650/1050/2100 buffs : 1150/1850/1050/1200 Minion M: 1800/2850/850 /1400 -> with 2 kobolds :[462/315/455/0] , [234/479/200/209] I have been farming kobolds on insane hc purestrat from wave 28->. is regular better? I have been farming Aquanos NMHC wave 18-> and can go afk starting on wave 21-22. (good for xp) (and i'm afking with my summoner, so only armor is dropping) I noticed some of my characters weapons are slightly lacking,
  12. I have been afk farming aqua nmhc for a couple of days now with practically no increases in gear (even though i'm in myth, these trans aren't worth it) And I've grabbed about 5 kobolds (none perfect) to boost my stats. still haven't broken 3k yet. I then saw a picture of a diamond that gave 600/700/800/700 stats or something of the similar, and thought that 2 of those for my summoner would be great! but is it better than kobold farming? I am thinking I need to push into skycity for better gear.... and I don't think i'm prepared for akatiti or TD on nm mode quite yet. missing t
  13. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?87811-Guide-Aquanos-NM-HC-Boss-solo-(For-2k-and-less-stats!) I used this just recently to beat NM and now I've started grinding aqua nmhc surv. (starting on wave 13-17 is best for me :3) I don't die using this build, and I have a WAY better dps pet to use now. my stats aren't all that high either. I suggest you try aqua, (I don't have KG) and try to get multiple people with summoners in after everything is upgraded so you only get armor. I got a surpreme from wave 26.... but it was a bow >.< (ally was a huntress) best of luck! :
  14. Whoa...why the focus on cat when main builders are sub 2k? Even if you get perfect cat with 200 potential boosts, I don't see that helping you much if you can't even get to the boss. Plus, booster monk is more useful if you need to run damage control. I'd get summoner to 78 to use a trans set or move the app set to the summoner. You need either poons or firetowers not both. Also move trapper gear to aura monk. Auras are essential because of how well strength drain synergizes with everything and is vital. Losing some electric aura damage isn't a big deal. Prioritize summoner, Aura, Squire ev
  15. Running Sky City until 25 for the Cats might be a bit rough, I know I had some trouble when I was in the 3k range so might be good to put that off for a bit and try to hunt a Seahorse, or buy a Cat. Also, if you plan on playing seriously, you should focus on gearing your Summoner first and always give him your best gear, most important stats are Tower Health and Tower Damage since you need the Minions to hold the line and deal enough damage to kill Ogres. slowly leveling him up (72?) I will definitely try that, I have about 5-6 pages of mythical and trans gear that I stock piled from f
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