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  1. 128 Pristine Chest w/ All 4 Towers Stats My chicken was only 32 ^ :(
  2. Actually, I've earned euite some good items from the store after completion
  3. a few might probably have gotten a save corruption. Treu say
  4. Something about gravity, and maybe add Ninjas that a twice as fast :) Maybe all monsters are flying? Lol Maybe also make like the monsters and us players rainbow coloured .. :P
  5. Who cares about patch anymore >.> I am just hoping there will be a Dungeon Defenders 2, and possibly have it on the disc and not a download :)
  6. Can I have some DPS, Tower Sets for my friends? I wanna give them something, so they dont have to keep looking :P
  7. I would but.. I don't have the guts or time to *_*
  8. I did it!! @ Lord, Upload on Tinypics. Search it on Google
  9. Uploaded from Tiny Pics, so it has got to be tiny Made it small, so no one can find my identity o.o Not sure if Picture worked.. First time I think..
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