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  1. Wow... I lost my characters and so getting monk from 74 to 83 will be a pain!
  2. Welcome back fellow defender..... they always come back Not always.
  3. Wow very nice! Can't believe stuff is this high leveled
  4. Some of you might remember me from the old days. I stopped playing because my ps3 took a dump and lost my characters and weapons. But my buddies are playing again so I'm coming back!
  5. Aknownown Friday Saturday Friday morning Saturday noon
  6. So I got home today and seen my invite from Tito and tried joining... And I thought I was in his lobby till coyote said something and I was like ??? So I left... Asking Tito again if I can get another invite please? Sorry about title name it was auto spell. *Coyotewolf
  7. Yousuck-ith 21 Very well known in the forums, mostly found in discussion. Have done almost all events besides the first trendy events. Favorite was no gravity with trendy, with community it's got to be ogre crush on insane apprentice only. CanberraWow, my cousin right here^ should be president. (or an event host)
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