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  1. hey guys may i join in on friday at 6 or as early as possible PSN-Artix313
  2. i would like to join the next event, the one where we have to do Chicken PSN artix313 also i never got invited for the last event and my name was on the list
  3. Ahm im thinking friday around like 5-6 pm PSN--Artix313
  4. Hey May i Quick be put in with TitanThanos because he is my best friend
  5. So are u guys gonna post the teams and the ones u can handle or not? because of the low staff number
  6. So are the new updates for pc gonna be the same on consoles? like will we be able to get to Level 78?? PSN--Artix313
  7. Sign me up for the Events on 3/24 PSN---Artix313
  8. when are the events again also me and my friend want to join Artix313 and BassManfred
  9. Hey Guys I'd Like to join the Event on 3/24.Please Send me an invite. My username is Artix313 Also if anybody else wants to add me id be glad to play
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