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  1. Yeap i get them all the time to. Even got invites ha. Always makes me laugh.
  2. Just wanted to thank my team and especially the host yayit she was awesome had a hell of a good time!
  3. Just wanted to thank teammates and host baboi. Had great time! Good pet and i even like the color Lol
  4. First time i beat insane war of djinn 165 shard staff for 83 good thing i m still only 82
  5. nice my first was 32 but my first shard staff 165 keep up good work
  6. Name of pet : Rusty Type of pet: laser robot Size of pet: small Shots per second: 6 Projectiles: +3 Number of upgrades: 85 Color: Glowing red/ white Shot speed: 1250 Stats: Damage starting 150 plus 15 in all hero stats minus 15 in all tower stats Special ability does 90% damage instead of 80% Description: "Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!"
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