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  1. If anyone wants to join, I'm currently running Onslought for special crap on NM4 in The Throne Room.
  2. Depends how you look at everything. I just love Dungeon Defenders in general since it was first released but if they haven't really played they may be on the fence about it. It's a pain with patches and armor rerolls so if they don't have that "I love Trendy content" mentality, they'll probably hate the pre release process. PS> OR you could just buy it for him..then what does he have to lose?
  3. Yup it's completely fair Imo. I did that all of the time on PC for xp farming. Created a public and titled it "heal and upgrade". People that needed the xp or item drops always loved it.
  4. Hmmm...I actually hug the crap outta my pets too!
  5. I never saw what the big issue with this was. I've let n00bs in my games to be carried since dd1 both on ps3 and PC. I agree, it's very frustrating when you're actually trying to beat something but that's what private games are for. If the kicking function is fixed to reflect that of previous versions, than the join-insta kick will begin all over again and then people will become reluctant to join higher matches. (i.e kick rates for Aquanos and that damn Djinn map...can't remember the name). I love the company and will always let folks in a public match because....I made it public for a reaso
  6. This is fantastic! My girlfriend and I play split screen 24/7 but the biggest issue I have is how long she EFFIN takes to go through her inventory after matches.
  7. Ha doesn't the health bars for enemies make you feel SUPER weak now when you're trying to kill them...?
  8. Yup just keep trying man. I run nightly farms of Demons Lair probably 25 a night...HOURS. I think I've come across about 2 iPwr 750's. Found a lot of 740's that are damn good too. Just keep at it!
  9. I have 2 ps4's in my house, one in family room and in the bedroom. That's right Trendy, I take you with me to the bedroom... The bedroom console is on wifi and lags very badly but rarely. A simple router reboot fixes mine right up. The console in the family room never has that issue though because it's hard wired.
  10. That happened to me the other day...good to know!
  11. Ah I see. It's the Legendary sword and it drops in 1 of those 4 effin' skins. Alright sweet, farming I go. Thanks home skillet biscuit.
  12. Hello! Looking for a map location so I can farm this sword, does anyone know where it drops? I play religiously and it's only dropped about twice for me. Once on the Demon Lair incursion believe it or not. But I've played Demon Lair at least 30 times a day since it came out so I think it was completely random in dropping. It's called the "Angel of Light" in my inventory but I can't find it on google anywhere. I located a wiki page but it has it listed as the "Mage's Legendary Weapon". It has a picture to the right so I provided the link below: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Swords
  13. C&C that was a great video bro, seriously keep it up. Mad love!
  14. I'm always happy. I don't like the community being led to believe that a certain time you olay has an effect on what drops you get. Or anything other than it's completely random, which it is. I love this dude^^
  15. By the way my spike range went to complete sh** so I haven't been on lately rofl. Common responses after each run now usually entails "HEY, eff you man" and "MOTHER F******". This thread is still tight tho.
  16. Pre-DLC's, I believe I used The Throne Room the most for Godly.
  17. For me personally it is a success if other people reading this thread get interested in the technicalities involved and go off to learn more about it. :) ^^ A dolla' makes me holla' honey boo-boo chiiiild
  18. I see where everyone's coming from on this, because I've had nothing but just incredibly dumb luck that can't be explained in my case. But the only fact that we should all pay attention to is that none of us on these forums actually created this code. Yes, crzy has some insight on how difficult and "deep" the rabbit hole can go on variables but even he didn't write the code. I don't believe anyone can crack/solve something without all of the variables being known or present in their work but that doesn't mean they can't give it a shot. If the original code generator came in and was asked if
  19. Guys! Lets not forget to account for "variable change". I saw it in a movie! Rofl...this guy^^^
  20. Crazy...do you your runs have netted you 157^ and 140^ blasticus?? Ha I wish! No I switched to Morraggo and nabbed an Oculus and Junbao for 157^ and 140^. Highest Blasticus I've got was the first morning run for 102^
  21. its funny cos.... i did say it worked for me... ( could have just been coincidence ) i told people to try... didnt say would work for them too! :P in other news though... wow some people seem to be getting some amazing "luck" with drops recently! rofl "in other news"....^^^this guy =)
  22. 4)I would also question whether the seed depends on startup time (to the previous second) or if it is changed every second, in which case you'd have to know the exact system time as the item was generated (even ignoring any items that generate on the boundaries that makes things difficult...) **Passes Out**
  23. Here's what I did. I realized that I've only been getting good drops early in the morning. I could literally farm all day long (12 hours) and the only good drops would be from the morning when I first logged in. After a few hours of failure I'd log out and then maybe log back in later after I've had a few beers. That's why I'm thinking that the seed resets/changes because I still continue to have bad luck for some reason. But I changed what I did in that, rather than log out a few times during the day when I'm irritated I just boot it up in the morning and leave the game on so IF I'm still
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