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  1. i originally had valentine so i was happy. but then i got moved to coolwaters which ive never met so i was nervous to see what would happen. when i joined he was pleasant and funny, he was a awesome host running around that map with freaking 140 speed wizard lol our bodyguard couldn't keep up we laughed like crazy. he would even stand in front of the ogres so they couldn't get out of the spawn lol. great host, great time. Hehehe, and how many times did that bodyguard die???!!! I lost count @ 6! :genie: Coolwaters, thanks for making it happen, man. We know you took it easy on us poor souls
  2. We won our event, but I didn't get my pet. Looks like my trade was cancelled before I accepted :-( How do I go about asking the pet owner for an invite? He did not reply to my PSN message :-(
  3. Another shoutout to BigDaBoi. I haven't been with another as crazy as he is. Crazy meaning funny. Too much fun when he's around!
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