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  1. My monk was my first dps ranged character I like them all equal. Thou the greatest benefit I like to the huntress dps is not having to spaz constantly on my R trigger to shoot my weapon.
  2. Week 2 event was awesome and host Drifter was superb. Good work to all the hosts aka friends I've run with in the past this shout out is for them! Drifter, Dealer, Method, Crucible, Captain, Vincent and Mochiman thanks for your services.
  3. I've been looking for this sign up for about three days now..lol. Starbeast22 Friday Whatever bracket that starts about 12:00 - 1pm
  4. Vincentmc is champion woot! Put a password on your router and tell your neighbors to "suck it Trebek!"
  5. I can't make changes that physically modify items. I can only set the stats on existing stuff. Not even colors of the pet? Doh But either way there's some birds that already kinda resemble a phoenix.
  6. Projectile speed the good the bad and the ugly. Is it worth it to put some levels into projectile speed and will it be a noticeable difference. If one were to put some of the 80 lvls into this stat what is a good number to achieve. Give some feedback Thx much
  7. Only armor and pets, no weapons! What are you guys looking forward too? What pet are you thinking you would like best? Heyas classic, May we get you to transform a bird pet into a phoenix that shoots three homing fire based projectiles with splash damage. I think that would be super duper for an event item. You set the strength of the projectiles to whatever you feel is reasonable. Just a thought, ill be sure to harass you should I have any more. PS: the Avengers movie rocked!
  8. Event was a breeze if you go at it a certain way and luckily I brought an extra pet with me or there might have been a struggle. Our group constisted of one lvl 78, one lvl 74 and one lvl 71 Tito Daddy aka vincentmc was an excellent event host :squire:
  9. It's one of five voltron robots that shoots lasers from its eyes
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