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  1. Looing for a group to get the trophy for completing all maps with 4 active players
  2. hellow i am kinda new to dd2 i played dd1 and dd2 in the beta a little bit i am looking for people to run through the campain with as their is no one playing the lower lvls the list is empty and no one joins my lobby aney help would be grate thanks
  3. I am new to DD2 but not DD i played it on the xbox and then moved to the pc but havent played it in years do to not having a pc now i got one i would like to get in to it and would like some help as it is quite difrent from the first one any help would be appreciated.
  4. i loved raining oagers was a good twist from things but he spawned so meney almost froze my xbox but its all good i had a blast
  5. Well better luck would definitely be with 3 more players, since that would net you 4 huluds instead of 1. However, on the PS3, you only get one per user regardless of how many afks you have, so getting all 4 requires some user-switching that I don't quite understand yet. I think the xbox has not problem with this but I'm not sure.no xbox cant afk on chlanges for mor items just campain
  6. i got arpound 3.8m on moraggo i can check mistymire i cant take a pick u think u can come check it out
  7. Sorry to hear matt, lemme know if I can help you out, I have lots of morrago weps sitting around in my tav if u need em.no its fine I got a backup ut I lost a pyro defenderstar and masamune
  8. And he said his griend knows how to un corupt files
  9. Ok i should get the stuff i need my friend whose game i was in wen i corupted said he farmed me stuff all night
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