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  1. I was planning on doing that, but Dungeon Defenders hit me with a left-right hook shot and I'm stuck in the ring getting smacked around over and over. It's so addictive! It's like catnip for humans!!! PSN: goodboy3000
  2. screw you guys. i still got another 2 whole weeks. Oh. and lease learn to quote multiple messages. Well I hope it passes by fast! (p.s. I can't multi quote on tapatalk) PSN: goodboy3000
  3. i did python on one of my elective classes in school and hated it. Coding doesn't like me but i like making simple-ish games in scratch and gamemaker its actually pretty fun when u get used to it I agree! I loved making pong in scratch! But the TD in gamemaker was a lot harder. In the end though, it was fun! XD PSN: goodboy3000
  4. I am going to work and study for college! Yay!... Wait....aww.... :( I kinda know what Thats like. I've got summer school so I don't have a whole summer and I'm being reviewed next week at work so I'm nervous! But I hope you get some good quality studying done! Good luck! :) PSN: goodboy3000
  5. When you get older - you don't get anymore summers. Instead you trade it for some job you'll end up hating and working with people you can't stand. After you go to go college for another four years and pay off your college loans for the rest of your natural life. Enjoy it. "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 This is depressing, so I can't hear u! :D PSN: goodboy3000
  6. i just got out today im free!! im going to fly to london for like 2 weeks to go to a wedding thats gonna be awesome never been there before Ooh, Big Ben! Hope you have a great trip! PSN: goodboy3000
  7. i think he meant the one with damage resistance on it..... :p Lol^ PSN: goodboy3000
  8. Maybe i could help, The lil' carnage is an active event item to this day! They are out and about, head over to trading an grouping and you could find one! Captain, I do believe he means the version of the lil carnage that caused the postpone of the event. PSN: goodboy3000
  9. Get all characters to 83!! I would love to get this accomplished myself! Good luck Captin! :) PSN: goodboy3000
  10. I'm so glad schools over! XD Just wondering... What are all you defenders going to do this summer? PSN: goodboy3000
  11. You might want to post this in the Event section. :p PSN: goodboy3000
  12. I didn't read anything... PSN: goodboy3000
  13. Where are the kelp staffs found? Aquanos? I can't say I've even given Aquanos campaign a fair shake after having read that the drops are broke. Have done the challenge tho. It's the Aquanos hard wep. PSN: goodboy3000
  14. Anyone hear that Rooster Teeth got one billion views on youtube? That's insane!!! PSN: goodboy3000
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