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  1. Weekly shower (whether I need it or not! LOL)
  2. Well, I was playing mistymire Insane+ with one of my good friends on ps3...and then I woke up. NUUUUU!!!!! I WANT ONLINE BACK!!!! :( ^^this times 2
  3. OH CANADA!!!! :) Thats what I'm talking aboot can't double like this so I'll just re post it... well done Rangerz!
  4. you guys gave me a good giggle there... thanks!
  5. I love the community and its been a while since I've posted. Lets here your Canadian stereotypes eh! I'll read em while covering my pancakes with aboot half a pint of maple syrup!
  6. Hey stranger, I haven't played DD on ps3 since ylod stuck. It is fixable at home, youtube is your friend my friend
  7. I'm around on the forum. Way to busy to play right now, Work is crazy and I'm doing about 80 hours a week right now
  8. Pff go listen to ke$ha you traitor you get 3 likes and I guarantee they do not know the inside joke... lol ke$ha was your thing jackie
  9. Farmed these over the last couple weeks: [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] If any of the PS3 consolers decide to make the switch to PC, please let me know. I would be more than willing to get you started with some leveling, gear etc. Hey, I'm thinking about switching to pc.... can you help out?
  10. Nice! How do you feel about it so far? Any issues? The only feeling is awesome amount of space and that it's more fuel econ than my pontiac pursuit! Just got home from the beach at 7.2L/100Kms.... I'm happy about it, and recomend it so far!
  11. fixed on pc.... your always welcome to join the real version of the game ;)
  12. maybe if some certain southern neighbours learned metric.... I'll translate that to American: Hey y'all neighbOrs, 27/32s is a terrible measurement.... why not use base 10 units?
  13. Got my Apprentice to lvl 83. I got some resistence armor from reyrey AKA: PLAGUED-Savage, its my first set of resist armor so im happy. I can stand up to the kracken now on Insane without dying in one hit:) Also tried out the two event DPS Staves and i was a little dissapointed at how much dmg they did so im just displaying them now Haha, The Has Been Doubled! Rey-rey truly is an elite one. I think that everyone who has played with him is 10 times better off!
  14. Oh I'm not sure. I didn't even check. Will let u know :). If you wanna farm for them I like playing Misty on hard bc I just afk :) I wanna get a high level preying prayer too. I'm still able to play online. Last wave invites? For 83 Sent from North of the Wall and searching for Blood Raven! LONG LIVE TEAM Last Wave Invites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Whoa, I didn't even think about that difference. Because I'm too lazy to Google: Does Canada have any vehicle manufacturers, or is everything an import? http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/auto-auto.nsf/eng/am00767.html we make more than you think
  16. The Chevy Equinox and the Ford Escape have the highest MPG, which I think is the biggest deciding factor for a vehicle as gas prices are only going to get higher in the future. lol, took me a second to Canadianize that, here we go L/100km and the LOWER the number the better
  17. i have 2 kids and i'm well over 6 feet tall. They are going to be taller than me.
  18. Alright so I have my choices down to these: Chevy Equinox Hyundia Santa fe Ford Escape Dodge Journey Currently the Equinox is in the lead, but I'm not committed to it yet. Going to buy one in 2 months. Let me know what you guys think!
  19. Must have more slow mos.... Lol Sent from a local game. you should try the pc game out now.... I miss my craig
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