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  1. i must say i do like hearing that the events are back but i lost my sprit in this game along time ago,i still do have many ideas for this game but i might as well keep it to myself since im no longer as engaged in this game as i was last year.but heres an idea play moving core on medium with only knights with no items but a pet(no attack,for stats n less than 40lvls)n only a lvl 1 glove from ogre crush as well as having one member stay on the crystal at all times.but ill call this event "Training in motion".i may also say that yes dred is pretty awesome but when me n him were talking about eve
  2. i do say wolves from what i do know people arent really the same anymore from the good old days.but now the game has gone upside down over events,dupping has gone lower now but it will spike up again soon honestly from the fact theres no way of stopping people dupping,and plus the overlaping auras do not work from what i do know and the only thing i can think of is what wolves have said using a gaurdian,but we maybe wrong.
  3. PSn name is the same as my username be on tomorrow if u would like to play with me buddy,i must say its been awhile
  4. the Team list will be put up tomorrow for the Event!
  5. Welcome back, gl man. And somebody, probably captain, is gonna tell u this anyway so I guess I will. Wrong section. There's a whole other section for events yeah i wasnt looking at where i was posting the thread till after,and idk how to delete a thread :P
  6. Hey Guys its me Vietxtreme im Back better than ever and i feel like giving away event weps,so y not spice up the forum and say that i will be giving away 1 of each old event weps (but the elf of the wand since i only got 1...) all the event will be hosted on the weekend (Friday to Sunday) on random weeks.If i feel happy i may put 2 or 3 events on the SAME DAY! so that u guys are active.i am not doing this to be recognized/or to be an event host,but to do it for fun,it would be sweet,but thats not the point. I am going to make up possible,but hard challenges,there will also be a gamble in
  7. today's event is event history!! Here is how it is going to work. The host will invite you in at random there will be no public list (people did not understand the concept of it last time) the host will pick a random event that we have already done and you have to be ready to beat it right then and their the event is participation if you do not try or go afk the host will kick you! This is the last event so i am feeling nice.... You can use event weapons, pets and chickens. Have fun dungeon defenders yay soda powers activate!!! Xd
  8. An English Actor would like this weapon. Shakespears Bow im guessing cause theres an english actor called shakespear <.< am i correct. lol i win do i get anything? wait i think i just ruined the surprise my bad XD sry capt im just 2 smart in history/socials class XD
  9. i like this idea n i would like 2 host events but i lag,so ill b a roaming host IF i get a chance,kinda wat king usually dose now lol
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